Maarel Steele Dredd 3D Build

Thought I should show some of the stuff I have made for my Dredd 3d costume. Hoping to have it finished before Dredd Day 2015,. (if that is still on this year) 1st of october.

First out is the wip-smoke grenade and holder.
Making the leather items is such an enjoyable prosess. Got the templates from here, the grenade top is 3d printed model from thingiverse by ghostbear. The pipebit is a plastic tube that got worked on a lathe (sooo scary) and then got some holes. Next up here is green dye, fixing the dye and some velcro,. and the grenade needs paint and some metal rings and stuff.

I'll try and update with a new wip item each day,. next up should be the medical pouch.
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