M1919A4 Browning Machine Gun


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I posted pics of this in my Terminator costume thread, but thought I would starts its own thread since it is a separate piece in itself and my first replica gun.

Started to make my first M1919A Browning Machine Gun out of foam and PVC pipe.

sirbrad said:
Got the first coat of paint on the barrel and added end pieces to the grenades, and firing pins.

Adding screws and hanger tape, and finished front and rear sights. Also added the handle (hose sprayer) in the back. Also made a loading top knob out of foam and a dowel rod.

Yeah I used them for reference and did my own touches and front sights. Lookin really REAL now! Can't wait till I get it done and maybe start another.

Got the front sights done, and firing mechanism, and added the flat coat of black on the body. Now getting ready to paint the body to match the texted grayish black barrel. Will get outdoor pics soon.

Almost done, really coming to life! I can't believe I made this and it is foam, PVC mostly. I love how it turned out!

Thanks, yeah it looks and feels real, wait till you see it with my costume. It is about 38 inches long like the real one.

I just painted it all chrome so I can weather it up and make it look older and like aged steel, and maybe add some rust

Yeah I saw that back then but was out of my budget and was not sure what tools I would need. But also wanted it to be light so faom worked out great! Was a lot mroe fun to make one myself the next should be better yet if I do one later.
Realy nice ,I have been thinking of doing a 30 cal for a while , could some one post plans/templates/ build pics for the rest of us to have a go after all theb idea is to share info and tip ,yes?
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