Lots of cool retro stuff coming out!

Did you see the Betty on SMT's page? WTF happened to it??? It looks like it shrunk in the wash. It looks like all the details are there, but there's something just not right about the proportions.

The Vulture...wow!! That's really cool. I'm not sure, but I don't think it gets much more obscure than that. I think someone needs to do the garbage scow from Quark. Sometimes I think I'm the only person who remembers that show.

Dymerski wrote:
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Is SMT a good company? I want to order the dropship.
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I've seen their casting up close and I won't say they're bad, but they're not exactly accurate. I was not impressed with the drop ship when I saw it built and painted. Which is really sad, since it's a large kit and if it were done right it could have been awesome. The probe droid needs modifications to correct it, as well as their B-wing.

SMT is one of those companies that I'm always tempted to get something from, but when I see it in person, I'm less inclined to pay full price for one of their kits. I've heard their AT-AT is pretty accurate though.

If you know of anyone who has their kits, I'd ask to look at them before you buy. I guess it all boils donw to how much work you want to put into a kit before you can call it accurate. From what I've seen Alfred Wong's pattern work is clean for the most part, but his accuracy leaves something to be desired. A lot of it is just tweaking here and there, but for the price, I feel I shouldn't have to.

I'd look around and talk to people who own some SMT kits before you buy. It'd be best if you could actually hold one in your hands, like at a show so you can see if you like it.

No problem. I'd rather see you look for yourself than pay for something you don't want. It's an expensive enough hobby without paying money for something you "might" like via the internet.

I've gotten a few things from SMT. All of them were very good models. OK maybe not dead on sceen accurate in all of the little details, but as far as a really good redition of the subject at a decent price - its pretty awesome. I think their prices are well worth it. I've seen a lot of kits that were priced a LOT more that were no better or worse. Additionally they are good to deal with. Every time I've ordered from them I've had good communication, and when there was a problem they were straight up about it and made it right. The only thing I ever had a problem with them was the AT-AT, and that was because they were having issues with their mold holding up. It took a little while for them to correct the problem but they kept me informed, responded to ALL of my emails and in the end delivered a nice kit. Its too bad they aren't doing any SW kits anymore - I'd have loved to see what they were going to do next.

The "V" fighter is a direct recast from the actual studio model - it doesn't get more accurate then that

Jedi Dade
I remember they had a backorder piling up on the AT-AT. The molds were tearing or too thin. It's a nice looking kit. There were a few at Wonderfest last summer. Very cool.
I have the following SMT kits in my collection..

TIE Obliterator
TIE Defender
Paid in full Betty

IMO, accurate or not, they're the only game in town for kit builders looking for decent size subjects. If was a scratchbuilder I guess I could fault them, but glue and putty are the limits of my skills. Unfortunately, those who waited on picking up their star war kits are left to ebay now. If you can find them...

Also and most importantly, they ANSWER THEIR EMAILS!!!!
Al Wong's patterns are not my cup of tea. Raised panels are always WAY too thick, panel lines are way too deep/wide, and details are soft and inaccurate. It's passable for a lot of people, but nothing has ever fired me up.

Also - necro thread, jeez.
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