1/72 scale ornithopter coming


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Saw the announcement on Facebook but I know many folks aren’t on there. I prefer the Harkonnen design, but maybe it’s next.
Excited for this kit, the little guys helped scratch the itch, but.... little.
yes, Harkonnen design is the more visually interesting. I hope they do that kit. Either way looking forward to clear windows and cockpit.




I'm eager to build one of these. Would be amazing if someone could figure out how to motorize the wings flapping!

Does anyone know if there will be any 3rd party light or photoetch detail kits for this model?
I just got mine—it’s a nice size, a little over a foot long and with the wingspan it’s a big footprint. I agree it’s aggravating the inner wing mechanisms fill the space revealed by the open rear hatch/landing leg.
That's cool, thanks for sharing the news.

I like them both, the Atreides version looks more like an Apache/Commanche attack helicopter with all the sharp flat angles, and the Harkonnen ornithopter looks more like the traditional Dune dragonfly/insect design.
So I just received mine from China. I gotta say it got here in 6 days free shipping so can’t complain even a little. Plan on a straight oob build so hopefully it will be a weekend build!
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