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Hey guys so this is my first post I want to share a little of what my team and I are working on. As it's the 25th anniversary of Power Rangers we decided to do a display piece of my favorite villain from the series Lord Zedd. We started this project back in April of 2018 and are debuting it at Rhode Island Comic Con November 2nd-4th of 2018.

We have built his entire muscle suit, exoskeleton armor all in chrome, his staff, helmet and staging. I had the throne commissioned back in 2013 by Pazuzu Studios all we did was a touch up paint job from all the wear and tear through the years.

We are also creating our own version of Rita Repulsa and making Goldar to go along with the photo op. As well as a putty patroller, Ranger Slayer and Lord Drakkon. It will be the ultimate Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Display at a convention. We hope to one day travel the country with this set piece so all the fans could enjoy it, as well as possibly doing a fan film.

You can see more on our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/bstudios1 or our instagram @bulletproofstudios1
Hope you guys enjoy!

Helmet- made of EVA foam and Styrene


The muscle suit:


Lord Zedd.jpg
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Wow that's amazing work!

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Do you find you have trouble removing your suit from your mannequin after you finish? I'd love some tips, I always have so much trouble, the glue and latex usually soaks through and man it's tough to get it off the mannequin.