mighty morphin power rangers

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  1. Anubis3596

    Power Ranger Legacy Morpher Dimensions

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the prop-making scene and I'm currently trying to 3D model my own legacy mmpr morpher and power coins. I've been trying to get somewhat accurate dimensions for everything but, I've run into trouble. I've got the morpher sized almost correctly but the height and slot...
  2. Ndm

    Power ranger Mastadon Sentry costume

    Hi All, Been lurking so long, my old account was deactivated! Ive recently (mainly due to lockdown), got back into reading comics and after starting Power Rangers Shattered Grid almost immediately fell in love with the mastadon sentry costumes. The idea of an power ranger with what looks like...
  3. H

    Pepakura helmets

    Hello! Im new, i wanted to show you two projects im working on, one is a republic commando helmet, from the republic commando videogame, and the other is the green ranger from mighty morphin power rangers. Both of them are in a very early stage!
  4. Bulletproof1

    Lord Zedd

    Hey guys so this is my first post I want to share a little of what my team and I are working on. As it's the 25th anniversary of Power Rangers we decided to do a display piece of my favorite villain from the series Lord Zedd. We started this project back in April of 2018 and are debuting it at...
  5. ScorpionTR

    Need help painting MMPR White Power Ranger helmet

    I'm having trouble finding the right Gold Paint to use on this helmet. Would like some help?
  6. Plokman

    Mighty Morphing Power Ranger Red Ranger Power Sword templates and size guide

    Hello, I do hope this is the correct place to post this sort of thing. I see some request threads in the forum but you never can be too careful when you just arrived at a forum. Anyway let me get down to brass tacs (Is that how it's spelled?) I am currently practicing and getting my skills up to...
  7. Kylash

    Unlimited Run Power Rangers Movie (2017) Power Coins (Green, Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, Pink)

    Build thread: https://www.therpf.com/showthread.php?t=264511 These are hand made from pressure cast Smooth-cast 325 that has been dyed their individual colors. Each coin is about 2.5 inches across. They are made with 2 piece construction and painted with Tamiya paints. Gold paint is also...
  8. E

    MMPR Green Dragon Ranger/Burai Dragon Ranger Helmet

    Hii,just want to share my latest helmet props for commission. Green Dragon Ranger helmet foam based helmet. For more info,you guys can look for me at Facebook : Eddy Racyl or visit my Facebook page : Brotherhood of heroes here w.i.p pictures: the final product: Alright...
  9. Kesra

    2017 Rita Repulsa build

    So I've been eyeballing this costume for a while but it wasn't until I saw the new movie that I decided it needed to be done. I'm planning to use mostly EVA foam and craft foam in the construction process covered with mod podge and plasti dip First I started on the upper arms basic shape. I...
  10. TrooperXIII

    Power Rangers Original Morpher Coins - Help Needed

    I have recently purchased an original (1993) Power Rangers Morpher, to display along with my Legacy Morpher! Unfortunately the the best one I could find is missing the Tyrannosaur coin, I have searched and searched but I am struggling to find a replacement. Does anyone know of a good place to...
  11. JazZeke

    MMPR Ranger Helmet

    So I wound up buying myself a costume off a guy. It's all in pretty good condition, but the helmet needs a new visor, and it could probably do with a new paint job while I'm at it. I'm wondering what kind of material I should use for the visor, and painting recommendations would be useful too.
  12. T

    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Articulated Tyrannozord

    Hi RPF members, I'm a new member but been lurking some time. The creativity around here is so inspiring, I decided to fullfill a childhood dream of mine. I'm looking to get some ideas from the brilliant minds around here. This is my first real customization/rebuild project. I say rebuild...
  13. PunyParker98

    Power Rangers Fan Film Costuming Thread

    the inception of this project as far as cosplay, and actually creating fan films goes a few months back so i'll start from not quite the beginning, but where it started truly moving along. This thread will contain my ranger suit step by step (I play Rocky, the second red ranger) and will go on...
  14. T

    Looking for power ranger/ beetleborg helmets

    HI everyone i am trying to acquire all the helmets for power rangers and big bad beetleborgs so everyone has a place to find them i am missing the following helmets: alien:1 red zeo:1 blue turbo:2 blue senturion lightspeed:2 green yellow dino thunder:2 black yellow spd:2 kat nova...
  15. D

    Power ranger sub dye patterns

  16. Bob Rosland

    Custom Power Ranger Legacy Morpher Coins

    Over a year ago, I started making one-off acrylic coins for the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Legacy Morpher. There were a few basic designs that I "mass-produced", but most of the coins that I sold were ideas submitted by other people. I've slowed down the production of these so I could focus...
  17. Bob Rosland

    1:1 Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Power Axe Buld

    Last year, I set out to make a full set of 1:1 scale Power Weapons from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. Due to time and financial constraints, it still hasn't been finished, but I'm hoping it will be done by November for a convention I'm attending. Here's a picture from the Kyoryu Sentai...
  18. F

    Blue Ranger / Tricera Ranger follow up thread & a favor to ask of the community

    Hello all! I'm finally getting around to posting the results of my homemade Blue Ranger helmet and the accompanying costume. While I'm sure no one was waiting with bated breath to see the outcome, I am sorry I took so long just the same. I had a blast at Dragon Con and everyone was very...
  19. Exanimus

    Green Ranger Helmet Sculpt

    Hello everyone. Very new to the forums but love what I'm seeing. The makers here are incredible. I am building a Green Ranger costume from scratch and would like to know what people think of my helmet sculpt thus far? I have learned during this process that clay is not the greatest material...
  20. F

    Blue Ranger / Tricera Zyuranger WIP - General criticism & advice needed

    Hello All! This is my first sculpt and I would like to solicit the advice of this immensely talented community on how to proceed. I have reached a stage in the sculpt where I would trust the eyes of others to better discern its flaws than my own. That is not to say that I don't see any, I see...
  21. A

    Unplugged Expo Sept. 27 - 28th 2014 Downtown Toronto Canada

    Hi all, Unplugged Expo is back for another year! This year's Theme is Sentai! (Or Power Rangers here in North America) We're looking for folks to help with Prop-building seminars, or makeup tutorials, and of course panel ideas are always welcome. Anyone in the GTA who might be able to help...
  22. ben reilly

    Green Mighty Morphin Power Ranger

    I had made a green ranger costume several years ago as a halloween costume before I really started getting into cosplay, and was very disappointed with my results. It was a learning process and some of my ideas I used before I am using again but in different ways. I decided that I wanted to try...
  23. V

    Green Ranger Pepakura Build

    Hey guys! I decided to take a break from my Loki build to work on something a little different. I had the Green Ranger Helmet pepakura file from Dungbeetle and decided to take a shot at it. After putting the file together I seen that there was quite a bit of detail missing, but that's why...
  24. Skaar

    All 6 Mighty Morphin power rangers for a Vinilla Ice concert! (Pic Heavy)

    Howdy y'all! I havent posted a thread here in too long! I'm tackling all 6 costumes from mighty morphin power rangers that I was tasked to do for this crazy event in Dallas Called "Jareds Epic Party" https://www.facebook.com/events/386232254841893/ Vinilla Ice, Young MC, and Humpty Hump are...
  25. D

    White and Green Power Ranger Costume Builds Part 1 *PIC HEAVY*

    Hi everyone, When I first joined this site I knew next to nothing when it came to working with molds and such. I had a good amount of experience with sewing, but had never made a catsuit/morph suit before. While this isn't perhaps the most detailed guide, I will do everything I can to...

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