Looking for advice for least amount of loss


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Hi, I am not a sculptor or a mask maker and this is just for fun, but hoping for some advice since I'm making the mistake of getting excited to do something and just jumping right into it. I think (know) I'm set up for failure for this first attempt which I was/am okay with but I'd like anyone's opinion on which way to fail. I now realized I should have used soft clay to make a mold (whatever I used dried rock hard) Also, I am ordering an armature head since I learned styrofoam heads are no good.
Options?: 1) Apply Pledge before Hydrocal and hope that still works with releasing or I'm basically going to have a solid block that won't separate?
2) If that is the case, would applying a relatively thin layer of soft water-based clay on top help me get a mold out of this?
3) OR if the solid block ending is what will happen, and I'm going to lose it anyway should I try to get something out of it and brush on latex layers right on it and peel that off to see if it even resembles the sculpt?
Also this is for a half mask, not the whole head. Any (friendly) advice would be appreciated!

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