mold making

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  1. Chris Moliere

    Advice Needed on Making Mold for Complex Part

    I'm in the process of trying to design a mold for a complex part, this globe for a gumball machine used on a puppet I'm in the process of building. However, I've run into some complications, due to the design of the part. It's hollow, but it has to be a specific thickness, and due to the...
  2. ChuckyFX

    Silicone Chucky Head Mold

    Hey! New here, but I’ve searched and searched to try and find an answer to my question with no real definitive answers. My question is: I have a blank Solid Silicone Seed of Chucky head that I’d like to make copies of. Is there a way to make a copy of this fully silicone head safely without...
  3. mechanical plan

    Mold Release Options

    So I'm halfway through a two part plaster mold. I've never made a two part before and I was going to use spray silicone as a release between layers. Starting to second guess myself now. Any advice on the if that will work? Probably something I should have tested or considered before this stage...
  4. FreddySchramm

    ANUBIS head Feedback on my molding partline and silicone choice.

    Would love some opinions on my molding process from the think tank. I'm planning on molding this Wed clay sculpt using a brush on silicone. (Hoping to get a very long life out of this mold) Im going to crystal clear it beforehand. As far as my part line goes, I'm thinking of jewel cutting a...
  5. ZRE1990

    Can anyone suggest alternatives to Smooth-On So Strong Colorant?

    Wondering if anyone’s had similar results with much more affordable micas or pigments? While there’s no doubt So Strong is a favorite to many, the price is a bit daunting, especially when you are wanting to test and broaden your urethane resin pigmenting skills.
  6. TheScratcher

    Fix difficult resin casting problem?

    How would you repair pinholes from bubbles in a casting that are just a mm in diameter but can NOT just be filled with glue or whatever? As you can see in the picture it is not only "holes" but rather missing parts of a thin, protruding line. A 1mm diameter wire, in fact. "Filling" it with a...
  7. darkgreymatter

    Advice on making mold of a cube.

    Hello! First time posting. I want to make a mold of a 3D printed object to cast in pewter or bismuth. I'm using Smooth-On Mold Max 60 for the high heat. My object is basically a 1.25" cube with raised details. There are a few small undercuts. Here's my question. I'm obviously making a two-part...

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