Logans Run - Movie Version Follower


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A '70's classic prop for the "to be 3D printed someday pile".

The clear top.

The main body both front and inside. Note how the inside has the framework to hold the screen mesh and clear plastic screen in place. The inner edge supports the back cover not that it needs support but it does make it look more like a factory made/store bought item.

The center white bar.

And perhaps the most facinating part of the prop, the back panel with it's screw holes matched/aligned with the holes to the main casing.


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You know I already have these in CNC/machined aluminum, right? I must be looking at 50 or more, right now. In fact, trying to catch up on working ones I owe a couple people, right now.

Hero and static versions.

Just Pm me if I can help.


NOTE: Very difficult to machine the acrylic properly. Lots of polishing!
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