Limited Run Luke Skywalker Return of the Jedi Cloak Fabric

Psab keel

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In 2017 I sourced what is arguably the most accurate fabric for Luke's ROTJ Cloak. Both a 100% Wool and a Wool blend. I sold out of both shortly after and have been on the hunt for more ever since. Today I'll be receiving 19 yards of a very similar material that I was able to track down. It's not 100% exactly like the previous two, but the weave and color are super close. Don't miss out because this also was a deadstock item and these 19 yards are the last of it!

WoolBlend2024 (1).jpg
WoolBlend2024 (2).jpg
WoolBlend2024 (3).jpg


I know there were a number of people after this type of material. This is your chance to get some. The last I was able to find any was seven years ago, so don't miss out!
I was fortunate to get in on the last run of this that Psab did and commission a finished cloak. He did a fantastic job based on only a few measurements that I gave him. The material is as close to screen accurate to my eyes as you can get. If you've been thinking about making a Luke cloak or having it made, don't pass up this opportunity!
As much as I want to do a run of cloaks right now, I'm currently backed up on commissioned work as well as being in the begining stages of a huge project, which if I can implement it, will help me expand Thread Lair and speed up the delivery for finished items. As such I'm still offering the fabric for sale, but unfortunately I won't be able to make a run of cloaks just yet.

You can still purchase it via the link at the top of the page. Thank you all for your interest.
I just sold the last 9.5 yards of the screen accurate wool fabric from my personal collection, and boy did it sell fast! For those who want material for your cloaks, I have this alternate fabric that is very close to it, and it's even less expensive.

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