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Ok last night I managed to win a auction for a couple lightsaber molds, and a Jedi Belt Pouch mold. My first worry is that they are recast molds, but if they are molds made off a RPF member's Lightsabers I want absolute proof. If they are MR recast molds I'm not as worried since from what I've heard Master Replicas has been out of the business of props for a while and a lot of people make molds from MR items. Here are photos of the molds.

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Re: Lightsaber Mold Recast Check

Well I think I'm in the green now, I just paid for the molds and went to check and see who I was sending payment to, which was Print Propworx. Now it has me curious as to if I might have just scored film molds or something with Propworx being in the name.
Re: Lightsaber Mold Recast Check

Unless it has ILM in the name you are probably out of luck in that regard :) Still looks like good saber molds and itll be fun being able to make a few!
Re: Lightsaber Mold Recast Check

If they are MR recast molds I'm not as worried since from what I've heard Master Replicas has been out of the business of props for a while and a lot of people make molds from MR items.

Unfortunately even if it is a MR recast, there are some on these boards that work(ed) for MR that had a part in these.

There was a "discussuin" aboutthis not too long ago in another thread.

Just did not want people to think that even though MR is now defunct, it is still ok to drop their items in silicone.

If they are not, nice score!
Re: Lightsaber Mold's

They don't look like MR recasts to me, but I could easily be wrong.
Re: Lightsaber Mold's

Neither of those Obi sabers are MR, but the ANH might be an older SD.

The EP3 is a hybrid of ANH and EP3 parts.
Re: Lightsaber Mold's

I just know for me, I can't tell one lightsaber from another except for different lightsabers for different characters is all I know. But maybe once I get the molds and pull castings what I'll do is take measurements, up close photos from different angles and that might solve a little of the confusion. I know I can't tell a recast from a original no matter how hard I try unless it's horribly warped.
Maybe make some one-off casts of the parts and post them for identification. Hopefully, if you find out whose sabers they are, they may be willing to work an agreement out with you. I'd also look the company up and give 'em a call, talk to a live person about 'em. Do a LOT of due diligence before even thinking about a run, man..
Well I just got the molds today, the pommel, emmitter, strips, and the jedi pouch mold are all in excellent condition. As for the body molds they are not so good. So I sent him a PM on eBay about it.
This is the message I sent and what he sent me in response.

Dear kanamit1138,

Hello Kanamit, We have a very serious problem these molds are not what I expected them to be if there was damage to the inside of the molds you should have stated that in the description and I would have made a lot lower bid if I had seen the amount of damage these things have before hand. The other molds are fine but as for the main body molds, they are heavily damaged. Air pockets along the grip, a lot of the emmitter holder detail is missing or has a ton of air pockets. Really unhappy about this. I regret leaving positive feedback on the item, because the only reason I gave positive feedback is because you were patient with me while I was waiting on a payment to pay you. Now I have really detoriated molds, the only mold pieces I will even think of using is the jedi pouch, emitter and pommel. the 2 body molds are way past the point of repair. And right now I'm teetering on the edge of opening a case but I will give you 3 days for a response to allow you a chance to fix this matter.

And his response.
Dear cylonproject2000,
John, Those molds are original molds produced at the fox studios prop and model shop in Sydney Australia during episode one-three. Rinse the molds out with a soap and warm water solution, rubber band them our use mold straps to seal them and using smooth-cast and you will have to do some cleanup work but I was always able to get good parts for sabers
Now I don't know about you, but I smell BS. I should be able to cast the good parts with minimal cleanup, but as for the body molds I can get a photo of the inside if you guys want to see just how bad they are.
Oh I already knew that, when I saw the exactra bubble strip having 6 bubbles and someone on here told me the original has 7. I just wanted to see what other people thought of his excuse after I messaged him. I also just sent him another message to see what he says and if he gives me more BS, I'll open a case. This is what I just sent him in response.
Dear kanamit1138,
You failed to properly answer my problem. The main body molds have a large amount of damage from air bubbles and missing details around the emmitter holder (the gold area near the emmitter in your photos). If these are original prop molds what is your proof? I'm going to have to make a casting, repair the damage and remold the body molds which I am really not going to be happy about having to do that. You should have stated in your auction description that the body molds had air bubble damage and missing details near the emmitter but you did not mention that in your listing.
- cylonproject2000
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Tell him you want a refund immediately, as the items were not as described. Open a case with paypal/ebay immediately. If he cannot prove provenance of the molds, you have a good chance.

On the other hand, this kind of falls squarely into "buyer beware" territory. I mean, did you really think someone was going to offer studio molds of prequel trilogy products on ebay and have them NOT go for many many thousands of dollars???
Another clue that told me that these were not the original molds is that I highly doubt Lucasfilm would have the fox studios prop and model shop in Sydney Australia (if there even is such a place) make molds of the original sabers. And actually Matt in his auction he did'nt state that these were supposedly studio molds. He told me this in a message today after I recieved the molds. I'll still put the molds to use and make a new mold of the bodies after I do extensive cleanup.
The Obi-Wan ANH is either an SD or a mix of SD and DH parts, maybe J&E. Even from these limited pics those are old fan-made parts.

The EP3 has the same grenade section with a modified neck. The emitter and pommel look like they are Parks derived, or jedi135. The clamp is the only EP3 part on it and it looks like it's 1.5 and not 1.25 like it should be.
See to me one lightsaber looks like another regardless of maker. I just can't see it. But would you have the usernames for those initials you mentioned so I can contact them and do a double check? Not that I don't doubt you I just want to get a second opinion with proof. If they are on here and there is definate proof, no castings will be made and I'll just find another buyer for the molds I'm not just going to toss 125.00 down the drain.
Defstartrooper, Unfortuantly for me I live on a severely low income. Now if I had the funds to do it I would just destroy the molds and be done with it. But this is'nt the case. Anyways I opened a case with eBay and if they decide in my favor, more than likely the outcome will be that I'll have to send the molds back to him and I'll get a full refund and be done with it. As for the original makers, if there is definate proof for me that these molds are recast molds of thier lightsabers for sure I won't do any castings. But to me like I said one lightsaber looks like another except for different sabers (Vader, Obi, etc.) that's the only way I know the difference.
But to me like I said one lightsaber looks like another except for different sabers (Vader, Obi, etc.) that's the only way I know the difference.

Never try to get into business with something that you're not knowledgable about. That's not a shot at you, just a word from the wise.

Research, research, research! Then buy. :)
Yes my research skills just plain suck, and there just was'nt enough time before the auction ended to do much research. All I saw was cheap molds with no bids and very little time left and I went for it.
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