Let it begin! Completed Accurate Kill Bill Replica!


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hmmm - wonder what happened to the pics...
I'll repost a couple in a few days when i get back home.



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Wow thanks Jason!

I just saw the youtube vid of Adam Savage showing off his sword... was amazed to find you, the actual maker had written it all up.

Sadly i'm in the Uk and quality replicas aren't easy to obtain so thought i might mod one of the cheaper versions....looks like they are missing some crucial details.

i might be annoying and try to pick your brains if i get stuck ;)

Thanks again!


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Hi it seems I am late to the game here but I was wondering if I could see some close shots of the lioness carving on the saya? I have been trying to see a nice clear picture of it now for years and so far my efforts have been thwarted. If you could send that my way I would greatly appreciate it. Okinawanokatana@gmail.com


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I don't have any really good shots from the film - there don't seem to be any to be had. But here's some of what I do have, plus a better shot of my version (that I've noticed has been showing up on Chinese replicas:))



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Hey Jason,

I'm a huge fan of Kill Bill and am absolutely in love with the wonderful job you have done.
I know I'm a bit late to the show but I was wondering if you're still selling the replica and if so for how much?
If I can afford it I would be very interested in purchasing one.



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Just a reminder that this is not a sales/interest thread as those are in the Classifieds forum.


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Shame about the missing photos. I had recently rewatched Kill Bill and was reminded of Adam's video about your work. It's a magnificent piece and I am now absolutely keen on acquiring one for myself. Thus I'm diving into research mode here and where better to start than with your thread? :)

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