kill bill

  1. darthwhitey

    Kill Bill - Bill's Sword 40"

    Bought this as an affordable version of a Kill Bill sword. Never displayed. $80 shipped in the USA Bill's signature sword from Kill Bill 101cm long 1.22kg brand new 1:1 replica, die casting, pointed, unsharpened Carbon steel blade, shiny brush white hamon edge with Bill's etched signature "To...
  2. EvilOttoJr

    WIP: Modding AUTOGRAPHED Kill Bill Hanzo Sword W/O defacing signature

    Hi folks! First post here; I came here because I need the advice of experts and I know this is a good place to find them. Okay, here's the story: I have a replica of the Bride's Hattori Hanzo sword from Kill Bill that I had signed by Sonny Chiba (Hanzo-san himself) in 2019. (I made the Death...
  3. DONW999

    KILL BILL - Hattori Hanzo Blade - the bride's sword - detail photos

    So, here are some details photos and maybe a thought or two of other things. Im quite happy with how the Foo-Dog turned out, although, it seems a little too big because I don't have much space for Harmon. Live and learn. The blade was sanded down a bit too much, because I was impatient and...
  4. L

    Kill Bill Bride's Sword

    I have looked all over the place and it would seem that no one makes an accurate Bride's sword. Does anyone know of where to get one or if someone will commission one? Im not looking for anything crazy just rather screen accurate and a decent quality blade would be nice but not essential.
  5. SaintNoOne

    Quentin Tarantino Paper Props

    The T man uses many props throughout his film universe such as Red Apple Cigarettes, Jack Rabbit Slims, Big Kahuna Burger, etc. I wanted to get some Tarantino prop together. And hoped you guys would like to do the same. Along with Red Apple, Tarantino also uses Morley Cigarettes. Here is a...
  6. C

    Kill Bill: The Bride's katana

    Ordinarily, I wouldn't post something like this, but this was a particularly good show. The folks over at Baltimore Knife and Sword are good friends of mine, and I was able to help make the steel that went into the Hattori Hanzo katana from Kill Bill. This video was particularly good at...
  7. otaku rocku

    Red Apple Cigarettes *First prop build*

    Hey guys. This is the first prop I have ever built and admittedly it is a fairly simple one. I am posting it here to se if anybody has any advice on how I can improve on it and maybe weather it a little.
  8. jblakey

    Next up, Budd's Sword from Kill Bill

    Picked up a used Masahiro Budd's Sword / Katana from eBay a couple of weeks ago, and finally got around to picking up the parcel. I thought this sword might have a good chance of being a reasonable replica with a bit of work, and it looks like that's going to be the case. I knew going in that...
  9. Soulinertia

    Custom Kill Bill - Beatrix Kiddo (bride) 1/6 resin statue

    This is my first custom resin statue "bash". I'm a total n00b when it comes to this type of build. I've never even bought a resin model kit before, but I've always loved the Kill Bill poster and wanted to recreate it as a 3D model display. I wasn't too impressed with any of the other bride...
  10. jblakey

    Almost done - Replica Bill's Katana from Kill Bill

    I've almost finished this guy up, so I figured I'd post up a couple of pics. Built this one without a client lined up, so I went the 'keep it cheap' route. Picked up the base sword on eBay for around $20 dollars, it was an old, beat up tachi replica (Japanese make). Wooden handle, which was...
  11. jblakey

    A plea (se) to any Hollywood natives!

    Hi Guys, I've started working on building a replica of Bill's Hanzo Hattori katana from Kill Bill 1/2, and I'm coming to the sad conclusion that there just isn't enough material to work with to be assured of a good replica. Just not enough frames. Luckily, I've discovered that The...
  12. jblakey

    Let it begin! Completed Accurate Kill Bill Replica!

    Hi, I'm very excited about this new project I've just started on. Thanks to a request from none other than Adam Frikin' Savage, I've begun putting together a screen accurate replica of the Bride's sword. I had posted up some pics of my Bride's Sword (BS) a little while ago, and Adam...
  13. Jonesythecat

    Kill Bill sword replica - need your opinion

    I've been looking for replicas of the Kill Bill sword and I was wondering what you guys think of this one in terms of screen accuracy