Large/studio scale Saucer/Haunebu build question


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Was wondering if anyone could offer advice on how to create a large scale (2' - 3' diameter) flying saucer with off the shelf/found parts?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.




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For the main body I am lost for ideas at that 2-3 foot size for found parts. If vacuum forming is out of the question I would make a core in the shape of the ship using polystyrene foam board or similar and then clad it with sheet styrene. Were you going to light it? As for the gun turrets I see Plaststruct domes.


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Thank you Scotthothpatrol!!

I think I've found something that might work.

An aluminum saucer sled..


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Maybe an old 3 ft satellite dish. Dish network or internet style. Most are parabolic not perfect dish, but an idea. If it were smaller some of the old floor lamps with the metal dish tops. I always grab those when I see them at the side of the road or other places. Never used a dish from one yet, but hoarders gotta hoard ; )

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