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While watching the latest Sony Pictures Studio ebay auction for the 19 foot Starship Troopers "Rodger Young" model. My mind was in overdrive with how would I display / store that puppy if I did bid on it? Unlike the PIH auctions, this one was reasonably priced for anybody with a typical credit card balance.

I noticed some RPF'ers on the bid history. So what were your intentions?

My idea was to persuade my brother to allow me a portion of his pole barn for a certain amount of time. Buy my parents house when they eventually retire to a condo or townhouse in the next two or three years. Erect a pole barn like my brother's, then do it up like a museum. Same as John Rigg's "Robo-Hut".

Well, I at least won the USS Princton today..... That will fit in my house.


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Did it sell though? Remember the Armageddon shuttle that was relisted 3 times?

I was thinking about cutting it up into 1 cm squared pieces and making some collectible cards

SSRN Seaview

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The 19 footer did sell and according to the feedback on the high bidder, paid for. Curious as to the fate of that prop model. High bidder is a newby with lots of high bids for assorted screen used props in the last few weeks.

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I did not put in another bid because I have no room for the model. Shipping it to Germany would have been less of a problem than displaying it would have been.

Btw: looks like all of the other bidders on that ship have been sent a "second chance" offer not by Sony, but by someone trying to make some cash...

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