Limited Run Kylo Ren: Outer Fabric [ENDS TOMORROW]


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RUN CLOSES on 3rd June due to the 12 W lead time I have to finalize this

Here it is guys:





- There will be a small correction on the weave (where is a minor issue where one weft skips the pattern incorrectly very minor easy fix)

- The Delivery time will be 14 weeks (factoring in a 2 week shutdown they have planned in august)

- The Weight is 425g per meter

- The Width is 1400mm (140cm)

- The Shrinkage is estimated at <3%

- The Fabric is DRY CLEAN ONLY

- The Fabric is 100% Cotton


Now the part your really interested in. the mill have done their very best to offer me a reasonable price for the fabric considering the interest

- The Price will be £20 per Meter

For a custom woven fabric I've been told this is a very reasonable price.


Assuming everyone pays up within this week I can order for a projected delivery date of: 09/09/2015 bare in mind this is the delivery date to me not you, please factor in shipping time from the UK I will work tirelessly to get this out to you as soon as I can please allow me at least 2 weeks to dispatch (more if there will be much more than 100 meters)

Shipping will be billed separately from the fabric at a later date. feel free to use the estimated weights and sizes listed above to give you an idea of the shipping costs and don't forget i will need to purchase suitable bagging/boxes to ship with!
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Re: Kylo Ren: Outer Fabric

Absoluteley awesome! How long this run is open? i think per person we need 10-11 meters....

i will keep it open for 1 week due to the long lead times if they allow i will ask if i can keep it open and increase the order as the leadtime progresses :)
Re: Kylo Ren: Outer Fabric

The material would be about 400 Canadian by the time it ships, Would love to order but that's a little steep for me right now. Thanks for putting so much effort into this.
Re: Kylo Ren: Outer Fabric

Damn...I am so tempted!! but I don't think I could build the cloak from scratch myself :facepalm
Re: Kylo Ren: Outer Fabric

Probably 10m per robe/hood from what my seemstress friends are telling me
Re: Kylo Ren: Outer Fabric (CLOSES 3rd June)

Well guys you made this happen !! currently have 137 meters of demand we've broke the 100 meter minimum mark !! give yourselves a pat on the back !!

also for those interested in shipping it seems parcel force are offering a very reasonable service that should cover most world wide destinations for £90-100 other couriers all wanted minimum £150
Re: Kylo Ren: Outer Fabric (CLOSES 3rd June)

I had to resubmit I made a calculation mistake on PP's Fees but they are fixed now !
Re: Kylo Ren: Outer Fabric (CLOSES 3rd June)

For the record I HATE paypals "Easy" seller fee system

just add 3.2% and then a variable 0.4%-1.5% depending on the destination add those all up in a secret seemingly random combination and add 20p ... sure it's easy to calculate .. Screw you paypal.

I resent today's invoices but they are still wrong .. why is it so bloody hard to just say hey this is the amount i'm billing add the rest on top ... sheesh ...

for those i've billed a second time that was your final bill i will just take the hit from paypal on this i refuse to continually mess buyers around with their ****ty system

Rant End
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