Kropserkel Conceptual Nazgul armour set 5 (images)

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by kropserkel, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. kropserkel

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    For those of you who have been following the development of our conceptual Nazgul armour suits, I present our latest complete set. This piece features WK elements (arms and legs) with a custom cuirass with fauld, sabatons that resemble the Batmobile, and a nasty war helm. Please forgive the abundance of images, and the subsequent load times, we thought the set was rather photogenic.

    When designing the helmet (as depicted in the drawings), details from the WK war mask, and Sauron's helmet were employed. The client kept giving direction as the drawings evolved, and this is what we ended with. The helmet spires (like a king's crown), embrace a multiple lamed crainial dome. Vision is aided by nasal holes, and the 'tusks' articulate on the mount points.

    We're quite happy with how this turned out, and keep watch for more exciting conceptual sets, the next of which will be unveiled in the coming months. Thanks for looking.
    For more images of our other armour sets in this line, our conceptual armour page is here Conceptual Naz Armour while our standard Black Rider and WitchKing pages are here Black Riders and WitchKing
  2. Boba Frett

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    Impressive :thumbsup :thumbsup
    You really done a great job.
  3. hydin

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    that looks mean as hell man. batman on pcp kinda scary.

    terrific work man, the details are amazing. man i would hate to fall over wearing that thing. youch...


  4. Lupus Yonderboy

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    Mind-boggling Scott, as usual... :)

    Each iteration of your Nazgûl armour grows more complex, at least visually. The helmet turned out great.
    One of these days I'll finish my own - much humbler - "nasal crown" helmet.

  5. temponaut

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    Fantastic, Scott. Beautiful and repulsive at the same time. Outstanding work. :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup
  6. Probe Droid

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    Now that is top shelf. Outstanding, Scott, really.
  7. Apollo

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    :eek WOW.. :eek
  8. mtsbspidey

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    *...just *....skott
  9. Clutch

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    You would be the shizzle at a costume party.
  10. agent5

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    That's insane stuff there. :thumbsup
  11. TomSpinaDesigns

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  12. nwjedidave

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    i should make up a new cuss word to describe how awesome your work is ....

    can i ask what the weight of the full suit is?

  13. SethB6025

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    My gods. That's outstanding.
  14. allosaur176

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    very interesting :thumbsup
  15. SmilingOtter

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    Krop, when I win the lottery, I'm probably going to become your best friend...
  16. Smiling Demon

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    That is SO FREAKING AMAZING.......

    I only dream of having that kind of talent.

  17. rayra

    rayra Well-Known Member

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    Very nice. All the projecting points make me think of the Shrike from Dan Simmons' Hyperion books.

    Haven't been keeping up - how are you producing that patina on the metal - or is it just the natural result of the working process? Looks great.
  18. Darth Detori

    Darth Detori Well-Known Member

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    Chuck a cape on there and you've got a concept Sauron
  19. Durasteel Corporation

    Durasteel Corporation Well-Known Member

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    Nice work.

    I assume you are the armourer Scott ??

  20. Art Andrews

    Art Andrews Community Owner Community Staff

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    Personally I dont care for the helmet design (reminds me of a chicken), although it is well executed, but that suit is just absolutely outstanding... Great work Scott. The attention to detail and way in which you bring all these pieces together is simply stunning.
  21. Got Maul

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    scott, you and your staff are the best armor producers I have ever witnessed . The finish, the artistry, the design, ...its like a physical manifestation of a symphony.

  22. Jedirick

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    Everytime I see images of your work it's like a trip to Candy Prop Mountain.
  23. EVO3

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    Wow. Im speachless..... That suit is evil and beautiful all rolled into one. great work. :thumbsup
  24. Got Maul

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    wow, still blown away even today.
  25. kropserkel

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    Thanks all for the very kind words and thoughts on the piece, we're most appreciative of the feedback. In 16, 18, and 20 gauge steel, the set weighs in around 60 lbs, but that is not 'dead weight' and is distributed well, so it's not really weight that is the hindrance to locomotion. It's certainly not a horseback suit of armour by any means, speaking of which, we'll be revealing a wild set of horse armour soon too. The black acid (phosphoric) patina finish is brushed on and the raised ridges are burnished for effect.

    Thanks again for all the comments, this suit has been in the work for the past couple of months, and it was a great moment to see it incarnate and together.
  26. jediscout

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    As usual, a superior creation. Always a pleasure to see what you're up to.
  27. Lukes Roommate

    Lukes Roommate Well-Known Member

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    Amazing Scott.
    The Kropserkel work is incomparable.
  28. adamata

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    My god, that is just beautiful. What I would give for a sliver of that talent.

    Question? Why arent you working for Peter Jackson? ;)
  29. The Hopkinator

    The Hopkinator Sr Member

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    As always your toys are awesome.
  30. Riskbreaker

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    Scott -- you're a genius. Fantastic work (as always.)..

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