Knives Out (Post-release)

What did you think of Knives Out?

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It doesn't look like the plot is gonna hold me. And I don't see enough comedy for that to be a draw for me.

I imagine I'll watch it on streaming eventually (I'll rent movies on Amazon, I just don't go to the theater for non action films these days), and just focus on getting to see the actors play character types I haven't seen them play before. Should be worth the $5.

Maybe it'll surprise me and be a new classic.


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I dig the cast but the trailer did nothing for me..
The cast is stacked but I agree that the trailer didn’t do much

Huh. The old "show don´t tell" was broken, although it may have been done in the past. I mean, advertising a movie with "from the director of..." and "... a whodunnit like noone has done it before...", is that an attempt to subvert our expectations?

I am sure that movie is going to split the "whodunnit"-fandom right in the middle...


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It looks great(cinematography), and may be great, but man... whenever that trailer would start up before End Game (and I saw EG theatrically WAY too many many times)... it got torturous.

Gonna try and make sure that doesn't pull me from seeing it, ha.


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I'm sooooo glad I saw this in theaters. This movie was freaking fantastic! Everyone in the crowd applauded at the end, and I joined in with them. Stellar cast and kept me guessing up until the end.


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Watched it last night. It felt like we were back to the Rian Johnson who directed Brick and The Brothers Bloom.

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Watched the movie tonight. Pretty good flick. Wasn't fond of Looper or The Last Jedi, but this looked funny and I thought I'd give it a try. Think it will be the first Rian Johnson film I'll own. Don't know Brick or The Brothers Bloom. Might have to check them out.


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I would not let the fact that Rian Johnson made The Last Jedi deter you from seeing this. This really is his return to form, and it's a very fun movie. A bit slow to get going but once it gets going it's a lot of fun.

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