Killjoys (SyFy)

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    So, I'm guessing either The Following has been canceled, or Shawn Ashmore's character has left that show then...?
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    Anyone watching? We just watched the 1st three episodes and I'm enjoying it a LOT so far. It doesn't feel like a first season show. Consistency is usually the hardest thing for new shows to attain, but what I've seen so far, is very consistent. Characters are consistent, the chemistry is consistent, the delightful snark is consistent... I quite like it.

    The characters are well written (I totally buy Dutch and Johnny as friends, and Johnny and D'avin as brothers). The storylines have been pretty good so far. I'm genuinely excited about this show. :)
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    I've been watching it, along with Dark Matter, and I've enjoying it so far, the chemistry is definitely there and the show has a real good feel to it. The creator(s) definitely seemed to have given some thought to the world and also seem to know where they want to go with the show, all good things in my opinion. This show, along with Dark Matter seem to be bringing back SyFy as a network that shows actual Sci-Fi and it's nice to have SyFy Fridays back once more.
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    I've watched the first couple episodes of Dark Matter and I don't think it's as strong a show as Killjoys. The writing doesn't feel as clean and the characters don't feel as concrete to me. I don't DISlike DM, don't get me wrong, I just enjoy Killjoys a whole lot more. With Killjoys and Defiance, my Fridays are definitely entertaining. :)
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    See, the lack of concrete-ness in the characters on Dark Matter is what I love about it. These six people wake up from stasis with no idea who they are. They are literally discovering who they are as people as the show progresses.
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    Loving killjoys,it's a good watch,Love Dutch very hot ,a strong leader,with and dark past, and British too

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