Kid's EVA Cap Shield


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My son's been really into super heroes recently and I've always wanted to make a Captain America shield, so I decided to make a kids' version. Since I have access to a laser cutter, I thought a laser cut floor mat might make a great base. Here's the shield just after it was etched, cut and after I started forming it. Overall size is about 17"
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That looks awesome! Are you heat-forming it over a buck, or freehanding it?

Thanks! I had a large serving bowl that I used as the buck. I was actually able to just push the shield in and it sealed well enough that it held it's shape while I coaxed it with a heat gun.


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I got some time to paint it. I primed it with white Plasti-Dip yesterday and was excited to start the other colors so tried the silver star before going to bed.


Here it is all painted and sealed. I used all metallic paints then sealed it with clear Plasti-Dip.

Since my son's still a toddler, I didn't think it was necessary to go all out with the shoulder straps, so I stuck with just the arm straps. Straps are 2" webbing hot glued to some more EVA foam
IMAG0271.jpg IMAG0273.jpg

And here it is all done. Overall, it was an easy and fun build and probably didn't take more than 2 hrs total. The best part is that it flies amazingly well.
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