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While working on my 6 yr olds Trooper armor and my 3.5 yr olds Vader costume- then seeing Indies Ironman suit for his son, as well as seeing past photos of kids costumes- I thought- Let see em all!! in a thread. More inspiration for next projects. Post up some pics!!- Joe

Combining threads- as Jon and I were discussing starting one off.

"There are a couple of us that are currently working on (or have already completed) movie or comic book theme costumes for our kids and some of us thought it might be a good idea to create a separate thread that provides a place to share everyone's pictures and ideas for kids costumes!

Feel free to post pictures of the costumes you've created or seen for kids, ideas for future projects, and/or links to your specific build threads.

This thread can also be used to ask any questions you might have if you're interested in starting a kids costume or currently working on a project like this. I've only worked on a couple kids costumes myself, but I know there are quite a few seasoned experts on the boards that have helped me on my projects, so ask away and we'll do what we can to get you helpful answers!

Enjoy! -indiefilmgeek"

I'll start with a few:

Nicks- Wild Thing:



Jacks Solo- that Nick now wears:





Store Bought costume (Chewy)-first one in a Loooong time..... but he wanted it and saved me time in a pinch:

At a Con Last July- Jedi Jack and Nick kick'n the solo:



Trooper WIP for this years cons/halloween:


Vader WIP for this years cons/Halloween:

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Re: Kids Costumes- Post your pics

Found one from a few years back of my wife w/Jack as Harry P:

Re: Kids Costumes- Post your pics

My son's been wearing this - lovingly made by his Star Wars-obsessed auntie - since Christmas 2009.

(Li'l turncoat ditched his blue lightsaber as soon as he saw he was outnumbered by Imperials, grabbed a red one and declared that he was going to go and tell the stormtroopers where to find Leia and the rebels so they wouldn't shoot him!:lol)

Last Christmas I got a Gryffindor scarf knitted for him. I'm looking at making him some TK armour for this year... :)
Re: Kids Costumes- Post your pics

This past Halloween I made my little brother a Deadpool costume, and the little bugger loved the darn thing!




Re: Kids Costumes- Post your pics

Here's pics from Halloween '09 of my son as Wolverine.





About a year and a half later, and he's just about to outgrow his jacket.
He loves that thing, so I may have to look into getting him another.
Re: Kids Costumes- Post your pics

Here is a shot of my boys with James Arnold Taylor (Clone Wars - Obi Wan) at Fan Days in 2009.

Re: Kids Costumes- Post your pics

These kids are awesome and their parents are even cooler! I love cosplay families!
Re: Kids Costumes- Post your pics

some of these Kids costumes are awsome love the little potter and wolverine.

My boy has had a few i cant seem to find his solo costume pics but here are a few


His officer costume shows here as unfinished but by the time he went to a con it was all done





Re: Kids Costumes- Post your pics

I'll second that!

If interested in setting one free after outgrowing- though looks to be made for extended wear.....LMK

My little one would love that Robin.

Thanks guys, I can make any character if you wanted one for your son :)
Re: Kids Costumes- Post your pics

Here's a couple pics of the Ghostbuster costume I created for my daughter in 2009. I constructed the Proton Pack from odds and end from the dollar store and some Christmas LED battery-powered light strings. Painted the whole thing and used a bit of rub-n-buff to give it that nice beat-up look.

Here are two pics of the Proton Pack...



And here is a picture of my daughter testing out the jumpsuit (my mother created) with the backpack and goggles I created. I don't seem to have a final picture - we added Ghostbusters logo and name patches to the suit, put elbow and knee pads on her and dirtied-up the jumpsuit to make it look 'real'...


She LOVE the costume and wore it last year as well. Now, I'll have to figure out what she wants to do for 2011! :)
Man, I LOVE this thread! My son's a huge fan of Ant-Man ever since watching my copies of the 90s Avengers cartoon. (Not the best, I know, but it got him into comics so I won't complain). The pic of he and I together is when he won the costume contest at a local con in Albany, NY. It was the day after Halloween and he was upset because no one knew who he was dressed as when we were Trick or Treating. Then, at the con, EVERYONE knew who he was so he was happy again. LOL


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Re: Kids Costumes- Post your pics

some of these Kids costumes are awsome love the little potter and wolverine.

My boy has had a few i cant seem to find his solo costume pics but here are a few


His officer costume shows here as unfinished but by the time he went to a con it was all done






Loving the flash pic....

If it was me, I'd have my wee one as a Jawa (Actually, If had children, they'd all be dressed up everyday - isnt that what being kids is all about :) )
Awesome thread! Here's my 5 year old son Jackson as Harry Potter. Had to make the robe, grey shirt with trim, shield/crest, and wand, the rest was store bought...


I also put him in the famous Drew Struzan Poster just for fun:

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