Durability of Silicone Masks and Muscle Costumes


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I recently learned that silicone masks are able to trick the human eye (and potentially facial recognition technology). I am writing a story about a young person who uses silicone to appear less (conventionally) unattractive, and I want to know who would a silicone mask (and muscle suit) handle different types of force (and how joint locks being applied to someone wearing a silicone muscle suit). For context: the silicone mask (and muscle suit) is being worn by the character [Marion] while he is volunteering as the “Padded Assailant” in a self-defense class. The silicone is worn underneath 40-60 pounds of padded protective equipment protecting him from incapacitating strikes, such as: eye strikes, knees strikes to the groin (and abdomen), and kicks to the head while fighting on the ground. Most of the participants are equal to him in terms of weight. But if they are physically larger (or stronger) than Marion, they are too scared to be labeled as brainless brutes. Marion may or may not be subjected to strangle holds while wearing the padded protective helmet and equipment on top of his silicone mask and muscle suit.

In one possible scenario: Marion is on his knees, straddling a woman. The silicone makes him appear more muscular than he actually is. The woman traps him on a triangle hold—one knee is hooked around one ankle, while one of Marion’s arms is pressed against his neck. She may or may not mount Marion, after applying the stranglehold. I might replace the hold with an arm bar, or another joint lock.

In another scenario: Another woman throws an openhanded strike towards the top of Marion’s nasal [nose] ridge. She then knees his groin, before taking one of his arms and either hip-throwing him, or both of his arms, and pulling both his wrists while pressing her foot against his body (or face). I might replace the openhanded strike with a head-butt.

In a third scenario: Marion is mounted, and the woman mounting him reigns down repeated hammer fists. She rises up and kicks him (and stomping his head) while he’s down, mimicking a situation where she might be assaulted. If he is wearing the padding, she stomps full-force.

In another scene: Marion is wearing the silicone underneath the protective padding, while throwing various punches at a woman wearing boxing gloves that may weigh as little as 08 ounces (0.23 kg) to as much as 28 ounces (0.79 kg). The latter’s gloves make contact, repeatedly hitting full-force. After knocking Marion down (and temporarily out), the woman poses with a foot on the mouth region of his helmet (or his neck, mouth, cheek, or chest—with his helmet off).

How would a silicone mask (and muscle suit) handle different types of force? Would the 40-60 pounds of protective padding prevent the silicone underneath from deteriorating, or accelerate it?
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