Jumanji Game Board replica - 15/05/13 Update - Board Edges

Re: Jumanji Game Board replica

That is pretty cool. The only other thing you could do is mount a flat screen under the Bubble and have it programmed to change sayings.
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Man...I haven't seen Jumanji in years, but definitely a really cool prop. I like the idea of mounting a little screen and actually making it a 'workable' game that does the sayings and such. Then mount magnets and such under to make the pieces move on their own, NO big deal! hah
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I visited Sony Studios within the past few days on our trip to LA. We took a lot of close up pics of the game. I could tell it wasnt the openable game because there was no cut through the lettering. I took pics of all of the oval carvings and the background carvings, as well as the sides. I will upload pics when i get the time as we just got home a few hours ago.
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Good news and bad news time....

The bad news - I ordered the inner ring piece in metal before I read Zenix's post warning that it would shrink 2-3%.
The good news - Some of the sections of the model were too thin to print using metal so the order was cancelled.

So I reordered in white plastic (to be painted) instead.

The piece arrived this morning.

Good news - the size, depth and path placement are all perfect.



The bad news - somehow I made a mistake in my model - although all of the indented triangles are there in my model, one of them seems to have had some kind of irregularity, so when it was uploaded, the indented triangle disappeared (you can see the missing triangle in the 2nd pic in the South East quadrant of the ring). Looking back, this IS visable as being missing in the Shapeways 3D turnaround, but it was so small, and the lighting so bad, that I missed it. Thankfully as it wasn't metal it was pretty cheap, so I'm not bothered that it will have to be done again.

I've since tweeked the model and it's fixed and re-uploaded ready to be printed again. I will get this done later. For now though I will use the current (demoted to "stand in") piece to measure and cut the inner raised dome.

Also, oak has been acquired and sketches of all 4 playing pieces have been drawn out front, side, back. Work should start on them shortly.
Re: Jumanji Game Board replica

This should already be cast and in the JY by now :unsure :thumbsdown

:lol :lol

No first come first on list when you do. I want to be No. 1 on the list. So there.

:cool :thumbsup :lol
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