Judge ( and a Strike Witch)


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First post with pictures, so hope this will work. Results of some work and some spending to get a comic accurate street Judge to London's MCM Expo. The gloves and boots were made by Paul at Hightower Crafts (pm me for contact details) Pads and Lawgiver by Sloopyjon, helm and buckle are by Wake. I now really can't see why they can't put the 'proper' uniform on screen, it looks great, it's not at all restrictive ( thought it would be).

The other costume shown is a Strike Witch, from the obscure anime of the same name. I build the rocket launcher and the Striker units ( aka leg bits) for that one, the fabric bits are bought, as my sewing sucks. Have yet to finish the strikers - there's a propellor bit and a rounded hub to go on the bottom, but that will be impossible to walk in. Planning to make them on a carryable board to be stood on for photos ( unless you experts have a better idea other than stilts) I'll put up photo of the original for comparison, as many of you won't have heard of this one.
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