John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum (Post-release)

What did you think of John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum?

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Don't see how this is getting such high ratings. The story is pretty much non-existent. One long fight scene is correct. Zero character development. They've turned him into a superman who never gets hurt and never.misses a shot. He continously breaks the rules and then uses them to get out of impossible situations.

I was surprised and excited to see Mark Dacascos as the main bad guy. He at least brought some humor and personality to this paint by numbers moviie.

One more thing, theater experience : they had it so cold in there it felt like a meat locker. Wtf? The prices have gotten insane as well. I went with my son to the dine-in theater. Forty-something for two tickets. Then 58 dollars for a hamburger, small pizza, two cokes, and a small bag of popcorn!


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The wife and I saw it last night - it was pretty much what I expected. Bigger / better / longer action sequences but not much more. Overall, enjoyable, although they probably could have cut 30-45 minutes to keep the pace going.

I think there was some minor story in there, but it’s clearly meant to be a simple popcorn flick.


Mr Webber

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Wow, they really turned the action up a whole lotta notches. Loved it. The dog scenes were mind blowing.

Ive said it before and am now convinced that this series is set in the matrix, not the matrix we know but another version. There are many little and big things that reveal this from the first two movies and solidified in this one when the killing scenes in public garner zero reactions from anyone around them, people just go about their business like nothing happened. Also the scene with the Penguin guy from Gotham. The label in the 80`s rotary phone he uses gives it away. Anyway, cant wait for the next one.

Mr Webber

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Me Webber, can you explain what you mean here so I can specifically look for it when I go see it?
Its about 70% into the film, the Penguin guy is in two brief scenes and the second one is the one Im talking about, its a very quick shot of the phone.

Forgot to mention yesterday, the "disappearing" trick also is something that makes this another version of the matrix.


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I’ll start of with what I didn’t like: mainly the last sword fight between Wick and the Asian guy.
While he and his ninja team were a cool concept, the fight itself was too long, too theatrical and nonsensical for my taste, in a franchise were Wick is usually trying to kill as fast as he can.
Sword action by the ninja clan, specially when they go through the Russians, was also the only moments that took me out of the movie because it looked really fake.
The Sofia action sequence suffered a bit from the same problem, some nonsensical choreography for show, but the dogs made up for it and then some.
Lastly Wick has become a bit too much of an unkillable god like being...
Aside from that, god damn, what an action movie!
The use of the environment in the fights were fantastic, the book, the horses, the props... Sofia’s dogs were a sight to see !
And then the clever bulletproof guys, that was a genius idea. Perfect way to challenge Wick, and it made for tense bad ass sequences.
It’s like the Fast and Furious movies, seems like they up everything a notch every time, but with a much more artsy and interesting photography. It’s a like a beautiful, brutal ballet of death.
Can’t wait for the next one, I just hope they’ll tone down the more “showy” stuff like the last sword fight. Too Hollywood kung-fu for my taste.

Edit: spelling. Seems I can’t write properly in English nor in my mother tongue...
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Paul Andrew

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We definitely had a bit of action fatigue in the final fight sequence, but overall had a blast. Wasn't expecting to be left hanging just as much as ch2 though. Glad another is on the way.
If i might suggest a game for any of you attending the film.

Get comfy and run a kill count from start to finish, try and count each and every kill Wick does, it makes it a way more entertaining experience as you watch the gore ! Any one who has seen it already will know you regularly have to uncount kills for a few seconds as they are not dead but then Wick delivers and your back upto your running total.


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So great! Nothing to add to what’s been said...

Wait no, the first book killing was amazing. The throwing knives when he first gets attacked while ex communicated is also great.

And the dogs. I’ll double down how great that was.


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I saw it a second time and noticed something

In the scene when the Judicatory gets out of the taxi to meet Zero, there is a neon sign on a building that reads : MacLeods Antiques!

A freakin HIGHLANDER nod!!

(technically it should be Russel Nash Antiques but close enough!)


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I've never been big on these Wick movies but this one was certainly my favorite of the lot, thus far. The fact that these movies focus on just the choreography and typically on a single long take where we all can see people actually do what they're doing wins me over. Keanu doing most, if not all, of his own stunts and seeing it takes the cake. The action itself isn't all that impressive and the choreography is a bit stop-and-wait slow but it all comes together to make almost a dance piece.

My favorite thing about Parabellum wasn't the action or story/lore/whatever, it was the atmosphere. This movie has this spiritual western thing to it and I completely ate it up.

Tan Djarka

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Finally saw it. Good but not great. Beginning to hate films that end up being one long set up for the next film.