John Wick 3: 'Parabellum' Stash-Book - My First Prop-Build

Thanks! :)

I really appreciate your patience.

I've posted what I have in the post above. Not the best scans - but they worked for me. What I recommend is buying the John Wick Chapters 1-3 Best Buy Box Set. It was $70 and really worth it - it was the only way I got to do this project, since this is where all the scans come from.

Thanks for all the scans!

I liked your scans so much I decided to buy the box set. I just wanted to see what the box set looks like in person.

Appreciate all your work!
This is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing. My first prop project is setting up to be a book project as well, it's great to know I'm not treading new ground as a new maker!

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