John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum (Post-release)

What did you think of John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum?

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Uhg, I'm just talking about the ammo. All those guns are good, I've just had bad luck with that brand of ammo, and based on the price point, I think I know why.

A little odd to have him switch to a 9mm 1911. Guess it helps not having to reload every 7 or so shots, let's the action keep moving
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BOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooOOoooo, whatever Halle Berry's character's name is! :p

"I've shot this guy but he didn't die, and still have a loaded gun; better **** around for a few seconds, while he might kill me, in order to sick my dog on him, so he can have a chance to still kill me and the dog"

Pretty stark "makes no sense" actions when compared with John's "I'm gonna shoot you 11 times as I close the distance, in hopes that one of these bullets gets past the body armor"

If the two previous flicks hadn't been so darn flawless entertainment for me, I'd be more worried. as it is, I just expect the bits with her character in it will simply be my least favorite parts of the film.


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We just watched JW2 last night - really enjoyed the action sequences and overall story, although 2 hours is a bit too long for this type of movie, IMHO...

Looking forward to the next one!



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... 2 hours is a bit too long for this type of movie, IMHO...
I know what you mean. JW2 does have a feeling of length to it. It feels like it's about one action sequence too long, but for the life of me, I don't know which one I'd cut. Maybe trim down the hall of mirrors, shorten up the conversation before John "kills" the first woman in her pool/tub/Jacuzzi/opulent vampiric blood bath chamber.


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As long as the John Wick films don't get in the way of filming Bill and Ted I'm gonna watch every single one


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Just back from JW3 and its was great. If you loved the first two movies you are going to love this movie.

Loads of amazing sequences & the story is great.

Halle Berry character Sofia is really good & I can see her having her own spin off movie.


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Just saw it today, really great movie, delivers yet again and sets up an unexpected fourth movie well. I had no doubt going into it, this would be the last film but im glad to be surprised wrong. I had also been curious to see how jw3 would feed off the back of the jw2 ending and it was awesome, the opening was by far the best bit. The humour was really well placed and unexpected and it had some pretty cool new props. The gold coins seemed to have an edge detail now. I was expecting halle berry's character to be a main focal point but i liked how they kept john as the center. Felt like they cranked the violence to 11 which was expected and did deliver. The story did feel like a fourth chapter is warrented and not too pushed which is great.

My only criticisms are the overall gunshot/knife slice noises felt excessivley loud in my cinema which might just be me but anyway, and the knife fight towards the end dragged on for quite a bit. Still an absolute banger of a film, love what theyve done with this series