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Hey everybody, I've been a member on this forum for a while now, and I'd like to finally share my first project run. I originally made this book because I was frustrated at the fact I was unable to get one of the originals or even find a replica. The first version was not great, a random hardcover book from Goodwill wrapped in leather pretty terribly, with the design drawn on with paint pen. After getting multiple commission requests, I decided I need to wait and make it better before I sell any. So here I am with my V2 finally, it's in a place where I think it represents the movie books well and would make a nice addition to a John Wick collection.

This book is inspired by the Russian stash book in the movie John Wick 3: Parabellum. NOT an EXACT replica of any of the multiple books used for filming, this book took the most desirable features of those books and combined them to make a great representation of what the book is.

The book uses an English copy of Alexander Afanasyev’s ‘Russian Fairy Tales’ as its base, with the hardcover and all the remaining details being created from scratch.

The cover is wrapped in leather, which is then weathered to give the book that old antique feel. The details on the cover were digitally recreated from reference images of the hero and stunt versions of the book, and then applied in a gold foil. The inside of the cover is lined in a custom designed marbled paper lining.

The interior of the book features an accurately sized secret compartment lined in a nice velour material, where John Wick stored the following items:

Arabic Blood Oath Marker
Gold Coins
Russian Crucifix with Rosary Beads
A photograph of John and his wife Helen


These items represent what John Wick wanted to have, in case the worst should ever happen, like having everyone trying to kill you!

Not taking anymore orders on Etsy right now, if you want to be added on the list for a run, comment below!
Also considering selling the graphics for people to make their own!

Hey everyone, it’s been a little while, I had to sort some life stuff out. I’m ready to start taking orders on these! It looks like we had 10 people down as interested and that’s what I want to limit the run to for now. The final price will be $345 plus shipping, and deposits will be $170.

I’d like to go ahead and start taking deposits and ordering materials ASAP, and once that stuff starts coming in I’ll start cranking them out.I just want to get ahead of this and say, it will probably be at least a few weeks till you get your books as I’m doing this outside of a day job, but the wait will be worth it!

PM me your email for payment info and to make your deposit!
Also If you want to get in on the run or get out please PM me!

This Run:
tennantlim - DEPOSIT PAID
PhantomPickle - DEPOSIT PAID
bpalangas -
enterprise0216 - DEPOSIT PAID
aetherdeus - DEPOSIT PAID
Pascal Kurosawa -

John Wick Stash Book-8.jpg

John Wick Stash Book-2.jpg
John Wick Stash Book-4.jpg
John Wick Stash Book-6.jpg
John Wick Stash Book-5.jpg
John Wick Stash Book-7.jpg


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I also recommending posting pics here for folks to see in order to better gauge interest on your project. Man John Wick Fans will be interested in adding to their collection.


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Here’s a production book which 4 were made, I’m trying to purchase it on a payment plan, 5k, if not I’ll go with yours
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Wow this is great reference, thanks! I think I should do a weathered version of the text on the spine as well. Also, I didn't realize that production made a non weathered version of the book!


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Or would you share just the file that you use for the front and back cover? In this case I can create a book by myself, which would honestly be a cool project :)

Ofcourse I would pay for it


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