Limited Run John Wick Arabic Oathmarker Oath Marker Prop Run 1 STOCK AVAILABLE and ready to send


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1) one Blood Oathmaker at 76.5mm (diameter) approximately
2) Real metal (zinc alloy)
3) The cover opens to an angle as shown in the pic below.

Price: $56.90
Price if you have purchase my stuff before: $53.99
Postage included

Please pm me your interest!

Thank you

Interest list:

1) russellsch
2) dmccue
3) mattycsi
4) Dboz
5) nygbo
6) JamesM242
7) zsherman
8) enterprise0216
9) Townz
10) playoffbeard
11) NeoRutty
12) warrenhouck
13) Vader5580
14) Odean
15) stussy
16) DarthJ
17) Darth_Nickel
18) VitalNonsense
19) PhantomPickle

Let me know if you change your mind....if all is ok, please pm me for payment arrangments.




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Much improvements needed hinge should not be showing when closed and other improvements etc ,and then some, but overall a good start :cool:

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