Limited Run John Wick Arabic Oathmarker Oath Marker Prop Run 1 STOCK AVAILABLE and ready to send


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Nakai, I just got my Arabic Oath Marker from Chronicle Collectibles. Here are some pics for you for reference and especially the hinge area. If you need close up of anything let me Know.


  • EAA7BD3F-74FC-4C9E-A836-CEC969B18E8D.jpeg
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  • A785174D-DFF5-46AB-B20D-F5414F9D9836.jpeg
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  • 39040C87-328E-4D1A-8A04-B0C659FDD68A.jpeg
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  • 7C117296-519F-4108-AE37-C5FFF4E38BA7.jpeg
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  • C4BFF2FD-27F2-4722-8D9C-8DE7E6A0A2A4.jpeg
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  • 6390208D-DECC-446E-A52E-FDD552047C8B.jpeg
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Nakai, I have the DVD version as well i will send you several pics of the hinge and cut area they did on that one to give you options for the hinge. Once i get off work this evening i will get the pics taken for you.

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