John Wick 4 rules of engagement cards

Hello! Thanks a lot for your job ! I was looking for all the visuals. For the metal shape I would have your opinion: I think I'm gonna cut the outline in 3mm stainless steel plate with a laser cutting machine (I've got one at my job). I will rounding a bit the corners with tribofinishing, and then, glue inside a centered 1mm plate. The visuals will be printed and glued inside. Finally, I will fill the body with epoxy resin for a shiny result. Do you have other ideas ?

That's certainly a complex design, but would produce unique visuals. I don't know of a better way to do it.
It be great to see one of the cards up close to see any details that are not see with the naked eye. Alot of information gather here and its great to get a sense of the idea vision and scope taken to get to these thus far.
So, after looking at ArthurWtb 's 3D version, I also decided I also wanted a physical version or the cards (at least one). Of course metal is FAR AWAY from my current tools, so as usual I'm going for the paper version =).
I luckily found a very nice "metallicized cardboard" to make the silver details (and another golden one for the rest):


It is quite reflective:

Here is the cut:
I cut the cardboard from the back since my first attempt was directly on the shiny side and seems like the laser was bouncing or something because it wasn't cutting it all the way through.

Looks really good even if its just shinny paper!

I have no idea what's the next step or how exactly are all those super tiny parts going to be glued together only time will tell!

I couldn't find the video that was from JW3 that is similar to this last video posted with the Joker.
I did dig up a photo of the double milled (reeded) edge, meaning it is reeded in one direction and also from the other and they meet in the middle in a arrow like symbol.
These are fantatsic thank you!! If you do a run of the printed ones please let me know :)
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These are fantatsic thank you!! If you do a run of the printed ones please let me know :)
I got my printed ones back. I'll put them in the junkyard. They are standard TAROT, bigger than playing cards, but smaller then the on-screen cards.
I am blown away Jintosh!! SUPERB!!

These are usable cards. Each one has the same back, so you can play a game similar to John Wick 4.
Say, you and your partner disagree on something, or HOW it will be done. You could square off and play head to head with these cards. The rules were earlier in this thread. But, I'll repeat them with real world examples.

Person A : Eat in. Draws an 8.
Person B : Eat out. Draws an 11.

Decision : Eat out.

Person A : Olive Garden. draws an 18.
Person B : Red Lobster. draws a 14.

Decision : Olive Garden.

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