John Wick 4 rules of engagement cards

I was also wondering about the size, and it indeed looked like something near 3 inches, I was calculating around 7cm... After a bit of absurd measuring of my hands and trying to replicate the posture on the screen shots, I just went into google and just asked for "standard tarot card size". Turns out the first standard size listed (70mm x 121mm, 2.75" x 4.75") fits our guesses pretty well so I will go with that!

Okay, I found GIANT tarot cards that would be bigger on Amazon.

Here if others want to try the larger size:

GIANT Tarot cards


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Ok, first version is ready.
Here are some previews from the files I made in Illustrator. They are probably not quite Ready-To-Print since the cards on the movie are quite fancy and metallic, but I'm guessing everybody here rather have a good bunch of vector to do their own thing!

Card back:

Card fronts:
preview front.jpg
I have packed all the illustrator files, vectors, pngs, and all the hi res art I downloaded on a couple files so you have everything you need to edit them as you like.
You can download everything over in my Gumroad page:
Free as allways but donations are allways apreciated =)

And here is my website with this and other download that might be usefull!
Wow. Awesome.
I'm going to use these on the Giant Tarot cards and take some pics for size comparison. I also found alternative pictures for the other 18 card bottoms not shown in the movie. These are just pictures I found that are in a similar style and content.
Should I upload the alternate pictures? Maybe we could vote and people use the same pics for all our decks, instead of making a bunch of different decks.
Yes!, I guess everybody will probably have one or several paintings in mind for the other cards, but having a pre-selected bunch to start with sounds like a fantastic time saver.
If you want to chose, go ahead, if not, here is a selection all ready to go!
Okay, here's some I picked out as possible other cards.
There's no number 6, so there's 19 images to choose from.


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The company that makes these specific trailers uses artistic license. They showed a coin that had a weird double milled edge on their coin in the video that looked great, but was not on the real show coin prop. The Joker may not exist.
That being said, it's a cool idea. <shrug>


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fool compare.jpg

Ah. That indeed makes me fairly sure that the Fool (Joker) is a made up card. They altered the face of the painting.
The other paintings that were turned into cards were not altered.

Also, if you win by having a higher card than your opponent, then the Joker would not fit that style of game, having no face value.
I think the cards should be numbered 1 thru 24 not including the Joker.

I would make a 25th card for the Joker. Card decks are 52 plus 2 Jokers. I think our deck should be 24 plus 1 Joker.
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Okay, I put that guys face in the Fool picture.
Mystery solved (I believe) But maybe we don't want a Joker, if it's modern and not art.


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Okay. I need to clear some things up. The guy that is on the Joker (both mine and the fuzzy video) is Chad Stahelski and he is the DIRECTOR of the 4 John Wick movies. Putting him on the Joker in the cool video was just an Easter Egg. The double-milled Wick coin and the Joker are NOT, repeat NOT, canon. They exist only in these series of totally CGI videos. We can have a Joker if we want, but there is definitely no Joker anywhere in the film. Cool Easter Egg, though.
Ok, thanks to Jintosh who gathered several extra images for the other cards that are not seen on the movie I have created one extra illustrator file with all the extra cards.
I think Gumroad should have sent and email regarding the update, so anyone who already downloaded the file will get the news.
For everybody else, here is how the new file looks like:

I kept it separate in case people want to only work on the canon cards.

The new file also comes with a folder with all the new art.

The art currently on the illustrator file is mostly provided by Jintosh , but there was a couple that looked a bit pixelated so I added several other extra paintings that I already had downloaded in case you want to switch some other cards.

Download links is the same as before:

If you want even more dark art, you can check the list of Caravaggio paintings over in wikipedia's very convenient list:


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