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Hi Fellow JW Fans,

Here is a great article covering 20 facts about John Wick! How all the pieces came together to make John Wick fall into the category of an Iconic franchise. If you have read this article cool! However, if you have not then you are about to get alot of great insight. Enjoy and remember movie is releasing soon and it will have a long run time. I am sure it will blow the others out of the water. Hopefully pave the way for John Wick 5: Fortis Fortuna Aduivat. Just kidding I have no idea what the title would be if they did a fifth film.

20 Facts you might not know about ‘John Wick

Just got this John Wick collectible DVD case set as the stash book from the library scene. Comes with 3 DVD metal case tins and 2 photos also included. Love it, but I think it could have wait for the JW 4 to be included. Oh well still makes for a great collectible! Below are several photos I took to share with you all. In case anyone decides to get one link also provided for folks stateside. I am sure for our friends across the pond this will also show up.

John Wick Collectible DVD set
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I picked one up as well recently. Definitely a nice set. Now a leather bound full sized version would of course be awesome.
For those who haven't heard, the John Wick 4 Continental experience will be held at the Hard Rock Hotel NYC (and also LA) I was fortunate enough to have gotten the text from Lionsgate as I was having breakfast the other day and landed a spot next week! I'll be sure to post some photos from the event afterwards! Here's the link:
Loved it! I think this is my favorite of the series, except for maybe the original. Great action, especially the last hour. The supporting characters in this installment really added depth and heart to the movie. The ending is a very fulfilling if a bit surprising (I can't help feeling like they're trying to pull a fast one over on us). I think John has about 15 lines of dialog in the 3hr movie :lol:

I have to say, that I think John is a mutant with a healing factor that rivals Wolverine or Deadpool. He sure takes a beating in this movie!
Really loved this film, also where the hell is the awards for stunt guys? cause they put their bodies on the line for their craft, also Chad Stahleski is living proof that stunt people know how to direct action in films the right way, also having a proper script writer and story make films memorable
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Better than the last two, but still not as good as the first IMO. Superb looking film, and a hell of good time, but I can't help but fell a bit regretful of the first film more credible gun/hand to hand fights specifically. For all the training and real know-how Keanu acquired with firearms, it showed a lot less. Not a huge fan neither of magic mithril bulletproof suits (and shock dampener?) they all seem to have. Kevlar does not work like that... And more noticeable "bad guy waits to get his ass whooped while good guy is busy" moment this time around.

The arc the triomphe scene was incredible though !

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