Jir'Xar (Yautja costume WIP)

Greetings Yautja's from around the universe! :D I am working on a little scene sketch for Jir'Xar ... drawing and painting myself digitally :D with a background spaceship i made (from a original painting of ''Alex ichim'' on ArtStation)
Hello! I made myself a little Christmas Gift to myself! A racing cockpit from OMEGA GT in UK.... I really want to create a NOSTROMO like cockpit in my house !!! ANy ideas would be gladly helpful ... here is some photos of my old setup and my new setup... OH yes it is for playing games of course ... like ELITE Dangerous and Star Citizen, and maybe normal aircraft simulators....next item to buy: A PROJECTOR and a 100 inches screen for it ...


48249867_10156619171225630_2318626352305012736_n (1).jpg

the Green-yellow box on top of the red seat is where i will put EVA foam structure with LED buttons .... like the nostromo

Greetings Yautja's....I am planning to buy the Torso and Legs at the end of this month from Wreav and Trellie..... I cross my finger to gather all the money for it ... and finally have more than just a Predator head to costume with at the conventions...hehehe :)
Something great is coming along guy's! I bought the P1 Torso from Wreav and the P1 Hands .... they are on the queue to be cast...YAY! Next month I will buy the legs and the feet.... also Wreav will paint those parts with a very nice color scheme i wanted....so stay tuned for pics and more info's! Oh and yes I will buy the other parts as well from Wreav.... like the backpack, Bandolier and such....I also in the process to save money to buy Alex Tiger cannon animatronic.....
Greetings Yautja's here are the uptdates for Jir'Xar... so I bought from a guy in Chypre the raw legs in latex which I will receive next month...I also need to wait about 2 months for the torso to be built. I also wanted to share with you some image of Ara Saona my female predator ....
I changed the color of my Bio a little bit today to make it a bit shiny ... i was like ''hummm it needs something more shiny on it'' and there it is
Here is the mask finally finished with my mold .... !


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Greetings everyone and Yautja's!

I received my mannequin to put my suit parts on it and so it will be easier to airbrush the whole suit. I also bought a CR-10 MAX which i am fabricating many Predator 2 (1990) speartip and i sell those on Etsy by the way, for the moment I have 5 of them clean and sanded. To be continued because i should receive my predator torso, feet soon and other parts.
Looking good. Make sure to account for changes in waist line, it lowers pre con stress levels if you do...
ksj changes have already been made on the waist line ...it does not show very much but it is there ! We added latex in the back, on the waist and the shoulders. I would not go to a convention with the bottom of my belly showing off.... :D

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