Jir'Xar (Yautja costume WIP)


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Hello guy's !!!! I am currently building a Whole costume of predator! His name is Jir'Xar, he is a Sea Hunter and Elder of 631 years old. He his on the human side of the history, he learned our languages very fluently and our cultures. He was not a cast away from his home-world , he decided alone to hunt and defend Earth from different intruders. Jir'Xar is like a monk, he loves to pray in Earth ancient temples and has many sanctuaries where humans can find him. When humans gain his honor and respect, they usually get items or sacred knowledge from Jir'Xar....Work in Progress: I am sculpting his head at the moment to cast the head on a silicon mold. The hands are almost finished, it took me around 10 hours for the latex to dry and paint, i just need to make some reptilian scales on the hands. The bio Helmet design was taken on the Predatorium web site made by a great artist named Uratz, I redesigned it entirely with other colors that i love and added some horns on the front...I will have to put green LED's on the eyes on this bio helmet once the helmet will be sculpted and caste in HARD urethane resin.....I also bought the 3 lasers that will go on this helmet and found a good price canon for the shoulder to animate....I will need someone to put plaster on me so i can have a good rigid model of my body, then sculpt the fake muscles and mold the bodysuit....once the suit will be caste I will use my airbrush and use the same color process that i used for the hands....I also have printed all the armor parts that i need to change with my artistic touch ;-) 03_08_2017_03_16_44_875.jpg 09_08_2017_15_15_29_375.jpg 29_07_2017_17_14_43_640.jpg 29_07_2017_17_15_02_656.jpg 29_07_2017_17_15_48_296.jpg 30_07_2017_05_04_48_500.jpg Jir'Xar_bio_helmet.jpg 07_08_2017_03_29_29_812.jpg
Enjoy guy's!
very nice, kill us with updates. can't wait to see you start the bio mask
HAHAHA good one thanks Wreav ,actually today i finished the ABS(PVC) with joints for the Dreads molding ... At the moment i am continuing the details on my head sculpture so the bio helmet wont be ready until next month.... I also have an order by Celtic Torres to make him 2 predator hands, but like i told him I really need to buy the JAPAN soft clay, white of preference....on ebay...
Greetings Yautja from all the universe! I know this message is not linked to my costume but it is predator hands i made for CELTIC TORRES our brother from Texas...I just wanted to share with you this little commission I did for him! :D I used normal WORBLA for the claws, this stuff is pretty expensive but very manipulable ....
Hello guy's here is a quick update of what i did this week.....so I did the "base" of the predator right foot....with latex (Monster Makers, very good quality latex, and very smooth to apply on skin)....I also did continue the head sculpting with more details ..hopefully next week i can get more Monster Clay to work on this head....and some soft japanese Clay.... :D

PS: I began to make the armor chest-piece of my YAUTJA....you can see it on the first image ... the armor will be made out of EVA foam and maybe I will recover it with Thermo Plastic (Worbla)..like i said i just found out that i had a chest armor piece left in my closet and decided to use it for my Yautja costume...
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Hey hey ! This morning i worked more on the Jir'Xar armor chest plate ...
  • I did some battle damage lines with the Dremel on the EVA foam..
  • Then used a Asphalt based Primer (black) .... (Spray can)
  • Then painted with a acrylic Silver color with normal brush...
  • Then did details with my airbrush with basic black color (spectra trademark)
  • Then for the little finition i did a coat of PlastiDip

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