jeres space marine build wip


armors cod piece and abs part will be joined together moslikely with neodynamium magnets, which i am been planning for some time...

i made quick smashup with my still separate abs and cod pieces to see how much adapting i need to get so that edges are enough clouse :3

- jere

cod piece with abs (wip) (1).JPG

abs + cod front

cod piece with abs (wip) (2).JPG

abs + cod from upper angle

cod piece with abs (wip) (3).JPG

side "adapters" try out


oh hello optimistic geom (did i got that right)

thank you O//O i shall make tutorial as soon as i get all the stuff done; need to design or mash up thumb from already modeled fingers, finetune servo splitter design, so that its easy to solder and fix, need to see if massive (10 000 mah 5v backup power thingy) can give "its alive" for powerfist or go by very heavyis: lipo battery --> 5v regulator -> powerlines to arduino and into servo splitter.

i need to make some adjustments into my code too ( mainly some servo angles and see if i can adjust the turning speed), i havent yet published anything since i wanna share all files for free, 3d models into thingiverse page of mine, tutorial mayde to instructables site or into rpfs site, make final "bill of materials and etc ... and also busy with working, such same as i love tinkering and making things :D

yours - jere


third update for today, i finally manage to see myself as a space marine as cod piece with abs seems to be nicely balanced with upper armor (which still is missing its lowest part)

here some photos, with armors tiny builder :)

looks like marine abs (1).JPG


looks like marine abs (2).JPG

about moving clearance after i install
upper armors lower part

looks like marine abs (3).JPG

derp maker

adding photos of new joystick design, going to be smallest as it can be basicly, its going to keep inside some arduino brains, switches for controlling hand gestures and maybe on off button, more info as my really small arduinos arrive for test fitting

making it small, oh yeah.jpg

making smaller


inside for now

- jere
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today started designing printable backpack sideventil´s :devil

progress so far:

side ventil 2.jpg
partly stacked so easy to glue when parts
are printed

side ventil grill.jpg

sideventil grill

side ventil.jpg

wip part with grill

yours - jere


late night update
backpacks sideventil and its case has forwarded into prototyping, after today’s printing . minor changes needed for scale of grill and angle at bigger case part :facepalm(lower part is perfecto), in order it to make same kind of push to backwards as it does at pepakura backpack file

so in future i can add some very light weight parts into backpack.

yours - jere

prototype photos:

sideventil case  (2).JPG

part assembling with tape

sideventil case  (3).JPG


sideventil case  (1).JPG

inside as building

sideventil case  (4).JPG

this curve is alright

sideventil case  (5).JPG

just tad too small scale at grill (0,95)


today arrived my secret weapon :lol for assembling powerfist finger modules sides mounting points; noctuas rubber fan mounts

i am still printing rest of sideventils at the moment :3

- jere

here assorted photos of installing / modding mounts:

pc fan mounts arrivied and modding(1).JPG
not so secret weapon

pc fan mounts arrivied and modding(2).JPG

hmm lets mod this

pc fan mounts arrivied and modding(3).JPG

brutal cut

pc fan mounts arrivied and modding(4).JPG

from round ..

pc fan mounts arrivied and modding(5).JPG

... to shape of square

pc fan mounts arrivied and modding(8).JPG

new homes of rubber fan mounts

pc fan mounts arrivied and modding(7).JPG

now i can get into designing lock points



today has been packback day :3

2 of 4 ventils are done and rest of 2 also soon, 3d printed and tryied also detailsh ring thingy, that will after some adjustments and tweaks
work as 120mm fan mount too :p

i have little dilema as i dont own warhammer 40 k game so i dont know which way i should put my ventils:(

to down:

backpack working (1).JPG

or upwards:

backpack working (2).JPG

yours -jere


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The vents should actually point outward (so they point back as you're wearing it), although I think they look kinda cool sticking out to the side. Like a side-exit exhaust on a hot rod. :)



The vents should actually point outward (so they point back as you're wearing it), although I think they look kinda cool sticking out to the side. Like a side-exit exhaust on a hot rod. :)

thank you rogviler :3, with this information i would install ventils like this:



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I think that's right (can't tell which is the front/back). I should've posted a pic:

Good work at any rate!



i runned out of filament yesterday, so i will continue printing as soon as i get more filaments :3

i took this as a opportunity to continue chainsword, and 2,5 hours + some coffee later, i have new detail plates and
ideas for making swords handle better :)

sketchup photos:

chain sword plates modeling.jpg

bigger and tinier detail plate

chain sword plates modeling 2.jpg

they fit :3

chain sword plates modeling 3.jpg

looking good with half of handle :3


chainsword has been started from smallest part; handle pipe holder, but its still a start of adventure (nervous waiting and seeing if other part prints will be success)
atleast this part had right tolarances :lol

yours - jere

small beginings (1).JPG

handle holder made with esun abs+

small beginings (2).JPG

handle holder made with esun abs+


handle 3d printing is almost done, only need to print two upper pieces which will also be the blades mounting point :eek

handles centre pieces "lock point" needs little alterment so it gets more surface for gluing or some other mods not sure yet
also some more sanding at some points will be needed :) (tolerances :lol)

all pieces so far made with esun abs + filament


some photos to show kinda good progress:

handle almost done (1).JPG

lowest part with centre pieces

handle almost done (2).JPG

test assembling modules

handle almost done (3).JPG

m4 counternuts places at one of first
upper parts

handle almost done (4).JPG

lower upper pieces counternut place at
handle side

handle almost done (5).JPG

pre assembled, still missing second
upper parts

handle almost done (6).JPG

another angle


today was sketchup ideas day :3 i am currently busy printing stormtrooper helmet for my girlfriend and designing sword prop for my friend for her cosplay, after these or between them i shall start printing chain swords blade parts, which problem of how to joint parts is solved via m3 screw and interlocking spaces for them at frame of chainsword

here how pieces will look like about 4-6 hours per part of printing (needs some holes for magnets etc but idea is otherwise like these:

chain sword plate 1 1.jpg
part 1

chain sword plate 2.jpg
part 2

chain sword plate 3.jpg
part 3

yours - jere


alright, i am back once more after making 3d printed sword for my friend and had a blast at con.

after some time away from space marine, i now started working to build it forward, and some results have been made, more pics after new order of pla and making more chainsword parts :)


first blade part:

back in bussiness (1).JPG

one of swords chain moving motors:

back in bussiness (2).JPG