Jack Sparrow Belts and Tricorn


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Hello everyone!

Right . . . basically I recently went to a party where the costume theme was pirates, I'm pretty fussy when it comes to stuff like that and nothing I could get from party shops within a reasonable cost was good enough, so I based my costume on jack and managed to throw together a few bits and make a reasonable costume for the party (In this circumstance a cheap costume was ideal, I got drunk, fell over and wrecked most of it), but curiosity got the better of me and I started researching every aspect of the costume and how I could put it together for the future.

So here I am now, I have been researching for a while now and I have a fairly good plan (I think) of what I'm going to buy and what needs to be made etc. Its going to be a project over a period of time, I'm in no rush to get it done, so I want to do it pretty well and to a modest budget.

I'm going to buy the shirt, waistcoat and breaches from costume base and then weather, tea stain and modify them slightly.

The wig I'm going to also get from costume base but completely redo, new weathered bandanna, sort out the dreads and braids, replace the beads it comes with and buy and fit all the other coins and bits separately as per the PDF guide on the jack costume wiki (the source of most of my research, love that site!).

As for the sash, this is one of the pieces I've ignored up until now, as it turns out the costume base one is very short, and want a big long one I was hoping to follow the wiki guide to making one from an IKEA curtain but Its very difficult to find as it doesn't seem to be made any more :/ So if not I think I'm going to get sith camaros for about $50 (which according to the wiki seems to be a modification of the IKEA curtain anyway) unless I can find one of similar quality for less. On that note does anyone know dimensions of sith camaros?

The frock coat I will eventually replace, hopefully with yordreem's, but this will be the final piece.

So, I've come to the belts (and tricorn) . . .

After debating it time and time over I've eventually decided that I will make the belts from scratch. There's only one problem . . I have NEVER worked with leather before, but if I do the research and experiment, how hard can it be? and I will learn some nice new skills along the way, I'm always willing to give a new thing a go

I'm going to follow the wiki guide for Anameria and Sun belt.
Hopefully I will be able to get the Anameria buckle from acme, and the Sun buckle from simon newton.
This looks fairly straight forward and will be a good test run to get me into the swing of working with leather.

The baldric is going to be a bit harder.
I'm planning on getting the buckle from ACME as well.
I need to find a template to use . . .
The material I plan on using is this, this is the best I have found . . .
Orsino - Orsino Vintage - Embossed Leather

I also want to do the French binding around the edges, now this is where the amateur inside me starts to show because I have absolutely NO idea what leather to look for to do this, I found a topic by "UK Jack" (on keeptothecode forum) who done a fantastic one, and this is what I'm looking to do.
If someone could help me find what leather to use around the edge for the binding I would really appreciate it, when it comes to types of leather and weights etc, I'm screwed. :/
(hope UK Jack doesn't mine me linking his thread)
• View topic - JS Baldric - D.I.Y - Finished.

As for the conchos (for now), I'm not too bothered about getting them screen accurate, I saw a set of 3 screen acurate ones on ebay for $75, so I think im just going to save some money and get some conchos that look nice, cant have everything.

So onto the other thing I need help with . . . the tricorn.
Again, I've decided I'm going to save money by doing this myself, In an ideal world Id love the ACME one but for one I want to save money and I also want to make this costume fairly personal to me. The other reason Is I have a big head and don't want to spent $200-$300 on a hat that dosnt fit me.
anyway I'm really stuck on this one :/
I've found a couple of tutorials on doing this but they all have good bits and bad bits, if anyone happens to know of the perfect tutorial for this I would be very grateful!
Again I need help with leather types, weight, size and any other materials I will need.
I want it to be a strong shape, one guide I have read say 4-5oz leather? I don't mind how heavy it is.
I haven't found much information on doing the bowl, I want to avoid creases as much as possible, I think some people seem to be using slightly thinner material for the bowl to reduce this? I don't know, I'm the amateur, this is where I need the advice.
Also I want to do the French binding around the edge of this as well, to take a guess Id say It would be better to use a thinner material here too? I don't want it to pull the edge of the hat back and create too much of a curve.
And also need help with colours and weathering.

Again I've been searching around and I LOVE the work "Undead Monkey" (on keeptothecode forum) has done with his, perfect shape, really nice trim and a great colour, If I could get mine anywhere close to that I would be happy.
(hope Undead Monkey doesn't mine me linking his thread)

So yeh that's pretty much it for now, sorry for rambling on and thanks for sticking through, if anyone could gimme any advice, tutorials, tips, tricks etc I would be VERY grateful.


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You should get all your buckles from ACME. Nothing is better! He also just redesigned his new Sun Buckle. Looks spot on to the movie buckle. Redesigned the entire thing. Even has the correct " nail " pin, and the recess for it to sit in, exactly like the screen used buckle.
Simon's is good, but does not have these details. Use as thin a leather as possible. The screen used hats in DMC and AWE where made of goat leather, and were very thin, also had a greenish tint to the dye job. Also don't use a bowl with a flat bottom to form the bowl of the hat, Jack's hat is perfecty round in the bowl area. Pull the leather as tight as you can around your hat block and keep it wet and smooth it all out around the block. Then let it dry and you should have none or very few wrinkles.


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Hey thanks for the reply, I was thinking about getting all but sun buckle from ACME as I had herd Simons was better, but you say ACME has redesigned and it now beats Simons? Well that would b easier to order :p

Thanks for the tips of the leather, I was thinking about trying to find a completely round bowl but I'm struggling a bit as they don't make very good bowls if they can't stand up :p maybe I need to look some something else to use.

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Just make sure what ever you get is in the right size to fit over your head with the wig on.
Back when I made my hat block I used 1/2 a plastic hamster ball. I just used bondo to fill in and smooth out the air holes and vents on the ball and made it nice and smooth.

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8 inches wide might be too big, could be too small depending on the size of your noggin, do you have your measurement of your head with wig and bandanna on?
Your looking at that being about 25 inches around using that mold.
3.141592654 x 8 = 25.1327


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yeh well I don't actually have a wig yet, so I guess I should buy that first, my head is about 23" without a wig so with I should expect it to be a fairly good fit.


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FYI mate! Many of us have discussed using the leather you provided in the above link. Keep in mind minimum order is 20 square feet x 31.80 per square foot comes out to [SIZE=-1]$636.00. You could buy two ready made baldrics with buckles and scabbard from ACME at that price.

Unless you plan on making more baldrics to sell keep in mind that the sheet will only yield three at the most based upon the repeating pattern.

Just saying you are traveling down a well discussed road from past Jacks.

You could go the cheaper route and buy the same material but now pleather. Available on JoAnns.com website. Trying to find the link now.


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i can help you with the hat, i have one screen used hat from pirates 4, i can send you pictures and measures. add me on facebook. ( pm me )


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WOW thanks for pointing that out Capn_Jack_Savvy, I didn't read it properly, thought it said $42.40 for the 20-25 feet hide! haha . . should have known that was way too cheap to be right. Ok so I need an alternative, pleather should be ok, as long as its still relatively realistic looking, if not I may have to go down the route of adding the pattern myself, didn't really want to do that because of the hours id have to put into it but its a possibility.

Paplooo ive sent you a PM :)


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Excellent thank you!
The idea is to be a screen accurate as possible but keep well within a fair price, If I can a few hundred by using pleather then so be it :D
As long as it still "looks and feels" close to the leather im happy.


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Remember mate the biggest thing is to set a BUDGET that way you are not constantly upgrading, spending more money than you really need too. Most of us Jack's that started around 2006 can speak from experience. Today you have the advantage of a ton of photos and vendors available.


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Yeh to be honest I'm not actually working to a budget, I'm using a combination of screen accuracy and cost to find the best quality pieces I can find (hence hopefully eliminating the need to upgrade) at the best price (hopefully not going to break the bank).

Keep in mind as well I don't have a time limit. It can take as long as it takes :)

I'm going to do my research before buying each and every thing. Its that that has landed me on deciding I'm going to get most pieces from yordreem creations. Its the best quality I can find and Scott has been very helpful and given me a great quote for multiple items. I worked out that that If I where to buy the costume base breaches, buy a ***** load of dyes and bleaches and use several different techniques of trying to get the colour right, plus order the buttons and add them separately, with the addition of spending a LOT of time on it, It would end up costing me more than yordreem's anyway. I know I will still need to weather it but I honestly think I can save money by buying from yordreem and I wont ever be disappointed that I didn't get top quality :)

The only reason I'm making the belts, tricorn and boots myself is just to keep the costs down. :)

A very helpful user offered me an IKEA sash at a great price.

As for the buckles, I already have the anna maria (thanks to another helpful user) and the other two will have to be ACME.

Everything else, for example hair coins, dangles and belt effects will be a combination of ebay and Swaggarts. :)

The only other thing Is the gun, Id love the master replicas one but I've decided I'm going to save money by buying a replica flintlock that ISNT jacks one. I may one day upgrade that but for now it will do :)

So I'm not working to a budget, but I have a rough Idea of the overall cost. I admit its quite high but I have always been the kind of person who would rather buy the expensive item that lasts, than the cheap one that doesn't before replacing it with the expensive one anyway.