I've just bought a UK based prop company!!


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Hi All,

I have just bought a UK based prop company.:)

I am not in a position until later this week to give any more details but be rest assured I am hoping this is good thing!

Keep an eye on this thread and I will update you as the week progresses!
Okay ladies and gents. Have spent the day moving props and meeting people. Just need to sign last bit of paperwork then all will be revealed!
Hi All,

Well here it goes. I am now the proud owner with my partner of:


Both my business partner and I have been collecting props for years. We both have worked in film and theatre and so know a little about the subject.

As it stands the plan is to run the business along side our normal careers as we both love working in the industry and dont want to give it up. Lets face it what prop maker/collector would not want to own a company if they can.

The History bit!

I know the company has had a mixed past and not much can be said to defend that!! Under its most recent owner Steve it has reforged its place as a trusted dealer to both the public and traders alike. It is my hope to build on this giving prop collectors the chance to own pieces for a reasonable price safe in the knowledge that what you are told you are buying is the thing you will get!!

So where next?

Over the next few weeks we are sorting out all of the companies stock. This is no small feat as there is a lot to go through. Stock that we can trace and be sure of its history will become available soon. Anything that is not will go one of three places: in storage for further research, for sale with all the info I have but no guarantee or if we are not happy the skip!!

Please feel free to let me know any of your thoughts and ideas. I am looking forward to what the future may hold. As things happen I will let you all know first!
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