Wand Company Fallout (tv series) Pip-Boy 3000 Mk V

Preordered this on Amazon and they tried charging me even though its not supposed to ship until May 2025, that's not how Amazon preorders are supposed to work.

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…waiting for the denizens of The Wand Company Tricorder Is Coming! thread to come wandering over to this thread and begin asking if this is the reason why the Tricorder is seemingly foundering in the backwash of production delays…

If any of the research for manufacturing the screen and the functionality of the Pip-Boy factor into the Tricorder's production, I'm absolutely ok with that.
It says ships May 2025.
Bold move on their part thinking the hype will last that long for an expensive collectable. It will almost certainly be delayed after that too even though it seems a long time since the current prototype seems ready. I hope they get a lot of pre-orders now! The show is good but its a short term boost in a old fan base. I got my Pip Boy 2000 kit in a bargain bin for $50 not long after it came out. They need this out now while the iron is hot. Plus it just makes it worse when they only make enough to cover pre-orders if this is the case. Its a safe business choice maybe but you feel like if you dont put your money on a 'wish' list for some time a year from now you wont get one so forget about it. Its such a shame R&D and production takes so long on these things or we might have more cool replicas made. I want them to sell bucket loads since it really seems like a labour of love too. The wait is just too long!
Yep Amazon Charged me too, I canceled. With the way the tricorder is going, no way I'm not going to let them take my money 5 years ahead of time with no guarantees or no real idea on when the item might ship.
Now that I check my bank it don't actually see charge it must have just been an authorization, I emailed the seller asking for clarification, I will share the response.
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Hey, I just joined the form. I do a lot of 3-D printing work and was asked by somebody that’s on this form about the house two crystal skull. I started to work on it and design it. I know there’s a lot of people on here that like that kind of stuff and is interested in it it’ll be uncompleted in a clear resin like my crystal skulls from Indiana Indiana Jones I wanted to get some opinions on. What do you think?


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