Is this a 1/1000 Polar Lights Enterprise onscreen in TNG?


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So I was watching the episode, The First Duty, when Wesley Crusher is at Starfleet Academy. He appears to have a Constitution-class model on his desk and around his room during the course of the episode. The only reference I have are these screencaps:


Probably the clearest image, here.



Behind Beverly on the table here. Useful for scaling purposes.

I don't know if the model was in production, or anything like that in 1991/1992 when this was made, but it seems to be about the right size. I can't find any better screencaps, or anything, so this is what I've got.

What do you think? Is the 1/1000 Polar Lights kit screen accurate?
Steve Neill You are going to want to watch your model or at least have something there to protect it or otherwise some one is going to steal your model when it is finished, use Mr. Shrink ray, and doctor it up.

But with all silliness aside. That DOES Look like the old Conne.
The PL 1/1000 Enterprise wasn't even out when TNG was in production (heck, I don't believe Polar Lights was even a company yet).
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