Is it possible to strip baked-on enamel?


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(first I'm not sure how "prop" related this is, so mods, please feel free to move this to the OT if not applicable)

So I'm working on a 70's Spiderman costume and he wears a belt on the outside of his costume with his web packs (weird, right?). For a buckle he has a Spiderman head logo in silver. I've found several for sale but they are in color. I'm assuming it's some sort of enamel but I'm not 100% positive.
So here's my question: can the paint be stripped to show the silver underneath? ...or, should I just paint over it and call it good?
Opinions? Thoughts?

Here's what I'm going for:
if its just enamel try to find a product called "AirCraft" Paint remover....I dont think theres anything that stuff wont take off. I believe I have some at the store I work at if you can't find any.
+1 on the aircraft paint remover. Wally world has it. Wear gloves. It probably won't take it off if it is powdercoated though.
If nothing else you can bead blast it off but the surface under that enamel may not be as smooth as the enamel finish. What I would do is mold the buckle and cast them in color.
Hmmmm...good point. I hadn't thought of the surface underneath not being smooth.
I may just have to hold out and wait until someone makes one in silver :unsure
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