Iron man MK VI question (i can't find the answer.. probably looking too hard))


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first off i just like to say that i am fully aware that this has probably been answered somewhere but after 3 days of reading forum posts i have come up empty.. so just thought i would ask.. so here goes... i'm trying to find a pep file for the piece that goes between the codpiece and the thigh.. i'm aware it exists as i have seen a few pep and foam models that include this part but just wondered if anyone knew of a location for it. Also i found the said parts for the MK III but they aren't right. Again sorry if this is a stupid question but i'm not a fan of having that large gap in the suit. Thank you


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I am also working on the same thing. I have not seen that file either I figured I would just have to rig up some thing for that area once its all fiberglassed

Judge Spartan

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I think alot of people are custom building the part after they build the cod piece and thighs so they can make it to fit.