Iron Man Mark VI from scratch (sintra based + pic intensive)

Pannaus Props

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Hey guys,
here's my start on the mark VI armor.
I'm going to make the bust version (hot toys mark VI bust) of the armor.
So right now, I'm planning on making chest, shoulders, byceps, collarbone, neck seal, back and part of the abs.

here is where I stand:


















Once I'll be done, I'll try to make the templates available ;)
let me know your thoughts about it!
Thanks for watching!
WOW! that's awesome! i like it!
Thanks man :D

A huge job is coming, but the result is simply awesome ( as always ). Will follow the thread...

Yep, it's a lot of work, but after quite a few months of sintra working I'm kinda a little faster. Not that much. Tending to accuracy as much as I can always slows me down, but I'm glad I am picky :D

oh wow, you're back on this!
looks great so far Fluvio. So many small details.

Yeah, those are going to be A LOT of fun when refinishing... :S

great details love it!!!!
how do you fold the sintra?

Heat Gun! Make sure you use paper templates first in order to not waist sintra if you make mistakes ;)

Fulvio you have out done yourself again! Bravo! Great work!

Thanks J, right now I'm busy with other stuff, as well as moving to Rome again, so it will be quite a bit before I can progress on this :(

This is outstanding! I like it alot!

Thanks :D
How do you make the opposite sides so symmetrical?!? That is very difficult for me to do. Your work with Sintra looks so good and I like that Sintra is harder than foam and sands very sharply and paints well. Just be sure that you're not heating Sintra indoors...ventilation is important with the fumes that it emits when it is heated.
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