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    Hello everyone! I've been working on the "research" phase for my Spiderman Noir costume, being specifically based on the one from Into the Spider-Verse. I've managed to get the general look planned out, but I need some help on resources.

    I couldn't find a thread with research about this, so I'll put down what I've found out so far. (Feel free to correct me if you notice anything wrong .)

    Fedora: Regular Fedora, the right side of the rim curves slightly upward. A Black band is wrapped around.


    Googles: Large, "Tear" shaped. Seems to be made of two main parts. Not sure how they are attached, they seem to be "floating" on his eyes.


    Mask: Pretty much the same as Peter B Parkers, although it seems to "stop" after the face area. Seems pretty pronounced.


    Trench Coat: Large "Collar Flaps". A seam runs horizontally across the shoulder. It has four buttons on the left side. (No button "Holes"). It has thick sleeve straps on both arms, both having a large button on the side of the arm. It was a waist belt which "flops" around and is held by two belt loops, on both sides of the back.


    Suit/Undershirt: Seems to be a double-breasted suit of some sort, with three buttons on each side, one being high up, two closer together, and one on the bottom. (Perhaps there are four buttons on both sides?)


    Gloves: Simple, plain black gloves.


    Belt: A double-hole belt, with a rounded rectangular buckle with two prongs. I'm not if this is correct, but I think there are two belt boxes on the right of the belt, close to the buckle, and one on the left side. but farther away.

    Here is my rough mockup.


    oqu4Ql1.png QYqifXE.png

    Pants: I think any regular suit pants will do.


    Boots: Almost "Blending into" the pants, the boots have seams running down its entire length, on both sides. They have a little "ridge" where the base is.


    Thank you for reading my huge spam! Feel free to say if I did anything wrong. I didn't add any colors, as this character seems to change shades of black every minute. I've been looking around, and I'm not quite sure where to start on this build. Any pointers? Thanks!
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    My suggestion would be look into using a pair of ski googles or welding googles that have the shape your looking for and use those as the eyes. That or if you're comfortable in blender or other CAD/Modeling software designing your own, and 3D printing them. For where to start, I'd say start with the mask and maybe glue the eyes to the mask. That way you can start with something that is relatively easy and looks good once done.
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    That's a good idea. I may try that out! Thank you for the suggestion

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