Cheap Spiderman suit from wish (£20) turned into movie accurate looking suit on a budget (WIP) FFH.


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A few years back I got a gift of a far from home suit which was ordered of wish for a very cheap price of around £15 - £20 I don't remember the exact price but I know it was in this range and you can buy many cheap suits online like this but with better sewing and fabric quality but also better patterns if you look hard enough but this pattern is fairly poor. Because of this I've had to "freestyle" alot of the puff paint on the pattern as it's hard to see some of it but if you know the pattern quite well and are careful painting you can make this cheap poor suit look almost movie accurate just with puff paint, some re-sewing and other methods I will use and show in the future when I've progressed more on this suit but for now here is a little reel on what I've been working on I will post updates when I've finished more !
( I payed around £35 pound for the puff paint which was 2 4oz bottles of tulip metallics black, and 2 4oz bottles of tulip slick true red from America which is why I ordered 2 of each but 1 4oz bottle of each should be enough for the suit, I used applicator tips and needles which were under £10 and I haven't used any liquid latex which I will for my future suits but this was more of a practice suit as the quality of the base suit was so poor, I wanted to see what I could do with it and I've done tear and stretch tests and it holds up fine with just the puff paint as long as you stretch the fabric out whilst applying it.)




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