Interstellar Suit - Share your ideas/research

Taylor Jean

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Slick build! Here's the buckles, I confirmed the male connectors with the image on SCPS. I think nestling them into the resin block while curing would be strong enough.


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Great work man! What did you use for the base suit? Did you foam/vinyl for the chest and shoulders?

I'm beginning to build the backpack. Could totally mold it and offer them in a run if there would be interest?

Great work guys!

Thanks ;)

how and in what material will you build the backpack in ? will you the cast in resin ? and in what size

looking forward to see ;)


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For the love of NASA, that is amazing! No one would notice the errors (except us) in a convention of sorts!

May I ask where did you get the logo?

Captain April

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It's been a while, I have gotten many request for my helmet model from a few members here, so I decided to go back and revise my model with current information. Here is my latest version of the helmet.
Helmet Final Study Complete.jpg It think that it is pretty close to the one in the movie. I have distributed the mesh to a couple of members for 3d printing and conventional model building. Lets see who gets there first.

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