Interstellar Suit - Share your ideas/research


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I guess this would be a quick solution for a convention you just heard about or a last-minute Halloween costume, but I think this tutorial is pretty decent. Not sufficient for my standards but if you wanted something cheap...
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Reviving this thread.

It is finally summer time. Did some Inventor work for the two leg braces. Used a few shortcuts, so hopefully they will be refined out in the end.

Legdown.png LegUp.png


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Have you made an estimate for the height of the braces yet?

I estimated them to be 60mm in height, proportional to my leg (which means I am midget height, yay). However you can scale the model to appropriate height.

I saw your post, April, but I wanted to offer (try) my own interp ;). I assume that's SolidWorks?


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Yeah, we are all suffering together :p

Chest plate modeling with cuts and thicknesses.

Sad thing is, I have the BD but I don't have a BD player.


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Working on the SAFER gauntlet. Trying to figure out how the rotation mechanism works. Mechanical or electric?
In this scene the handles are pulled out by shaking their arm. Not a particular safe method.
His arm went out of the frame during the rotation. Not sure if button press or extreme arm shake.
shakyaf.png thisissomeshittycinematography.png
More rotated shot.


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Summer's almost over; resume working on the gauntlet. Finished a little piece from the rotation handle. Not sure if I got the scale right and can't print to check, but I will assemble it to check.


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The gauntlet is now operational! This should be the last update for a while because school has started. I know that they are not entirely screen accurate (shame!) but they should work. I would add more screen details in the future if I have time. It is based on average arm and hand size, so scale appropriately.


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Question for those of you who are more 3D computer modeling guys. Has anyone printed, or offer for printing like shapeways models, pep or files?

Im an old school prop guy. In the old days we made a master and poured some rubber on it. Its been 2 years since this movie came out and there have been some amazing computer renders in this thread. So what do you do with the renders to actually have a prop that you can touch? Not trying to come across as crass, but trying to see if i missed something. So far, Ive seen perfection but no hands on.

Captain April

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This was my first 3d model of a movie prop that I created and I did give the files to a few members but as far as I know no one has printed it. I must confess that I was disappointed with my model, I have no true dimensions so I feel that it is not accurate. Recently I made contact with the artist who created the Helmet for the film and I hoped that I could get some information about the prop but so far it's hasn't panned out.


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My school only has one Statasys printer for all students. Based on my dimensions and resources I doubt I will see it printed soon. I don't have enough expertise to do it old school way, but according to the art book all the props were 3D printed and then resin cast, so printing might be the most accurate way to do this.

Captain April

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Looked what showed up on an episode of Supergirl,
Screencap-01.jpg Screencap-02.jpg Screencap-03.jpg
The future Helmet and suits from the End of Interstellar. I wonder what became of the Hero suits?


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Hi Captain April,
I'd be interested in trying to do some 3D prints of your design. I have a decent size printer at home. I also have solidworks. Would it be possible to have a look at your solidworks file? I think in order to print it life size I would need make several modifications in order to print parts that fit in my printer. Would have to probably redesign in order to assemble parts together as well.
Anyways, great work so far. Looks very similar to the on-screen design.

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