Internal doors


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A Few years agoI used to despair looking White internal doors soooooooooooo I thought what can I do,I did this to my bedroom door DSC00465.JPG
Then I only had two white doors so I did this to the bathroom door DSC00467.JPG Then I only had to see one white door that was around five years ago Well I was at a loose end so I did this DSC00466.JPG now I have no white doors and I am a happy chappie.
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Either you have no girlfriend / wife. If you do have one, and they agree with this, then you should stay with her forever! If I would come up with this idea for our doors, I'm sleeping on the couch for a week, I'm afraid... ;).


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Tom I'm passed all that got to have a Female nonsense a long time ago.When i get a bit depressed I park near the supermarket exit and after a few minutes of men pushing piled up trollies followed by her Ladyship smiling at everyone carrying only the hand bag I feel happy once more I make it a point to never forget .only takes a couple of minutes for the feelgood factor to return. I am not gloating Tom just Happy.When the fire surround got abit boring I did this DSC00388.JPG
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