INSTEAD of 'Another' Eagle Tank.


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Hey guys,

Lee is doing such a dang fine job on his "Eagle" type laser tank, I thought I would check and see if anyone wanted to see one of the OTHER three tanks from the same episode of Space:1999 that the Eagle tank appeared?

I am actually building ALL THREE tanks at the moment, but have made the most progress on the "Flat-Top" tanks. It is a little farther along than when I took these pictures and there are ALOT of pictures taken before these, so just ask.

Comments and questions are certainly welcome AND requested!

It's always fun to see such builds! I enjoy seeing seeing them before they're painted, so you can see the variety of source parts.
I think it's beautiful. Super-clean and sharp build, and the design has always reminded me of the Moon tank from Tintin. Obviously more tanks need acrylic viewing bubbles.
Thank you fells! I thought for a little there just wasn't any interest in these.

Glad a couple folks wanna see 'em. Y'all have done it now. I'll continue posting on it. LOL!

Anyhow, now that it's at this point, I'm seeing a change that needs to be made and I'm working on that right now. That forked laser mount looks too tall. I'll post that when I get it shortened.

these are looking blooming superb ! looks good to see them pre paint too just to get an idea of where the original builders got the parts from too .. keep it up will be nice to see them finished
WOW.:love:thumbsup With builds like this I'll have to visit the Studio Scale section more ! I like anything related to Space 1999. Great show, Have the series on DVD.
Thank you fellas!

I've hammered on that fork section of the laser mount I mentioned and got it more where it should be.

UFO? Second favorite of mine too! Actually, FAR better to watch than Space:1999, I'm just hooked on the HARDWARE from Space:1999.

We need to see if we can't build us a SHADO Mobile or two then!

Inside the canopy roof of this tank, there is a small circle of styrene detailed with kit parts. It is like an "overhead console".

Here's what it looks like!

Here's one made from my resin parts.

One thing I forgot to mention here. The one I've been showing is for someone that sent me ALL original kit parts to use and build him a set of all three laser tanks. I'm, however, building FOUR of these Flat-Top tanks at the moment and will actually be building 4 full sets of all three versions of these tanks. For the other sets of three, I have made resin parts of every piece needed and will be using those for the other three sets of tanks.

I suppose, it would be nice to show one of the resin versions too, huh?

Excellent builds Rob!

You're going to make me want to build the other two tanks aren't you!
44" Eagle is next, must resist...

Inside the canopy roof of this tank, there is a small circle of styrene detailed with kit parts. It is like an "overhead console"............

Ha! The REVELL visible Polaris! I get it now..........


PS - Damn, now I want to build one......
Hello Mr. Gene!

Yes, there it is! Just one of the MANY Polaris parts used all over three of these. There's THREE on that circle I just showed alone.

I don't see any reason you shouldn't build ALL THREE!


I know I'm a little tardy with an update here fellas, but I have been busy the whole time. These builds use the newer 4-channel remote controlled Chieftain that was released not that long ago, so I've planned on putting as much of the remote to use as I can. Along with the tank movement, there is also a turret up, down, left and right feature. I wanted to use that for, of course, the laser.

Not as simple as I first figured, I'll tell y'all that. There is a small turntable piece included with the Chieftain with a center shaft that extends and retracts. The first couple set-ups I tried, I worked at mounting everything vertically. The Flat-Top tank, being lower than the other two, won't let that happen, so I ended up having to do about a REV.3 and mount it all horizontally. It works well though and here's what I ended up with.

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Hey guys!

A little more progress here. I have completed a few of the "Flat-Top" tanks and all that's left on those is the painting and detailing, so I've moved on to the first of the "Dome" type tanks now.

There has not been any of these built before, so there is a "try this, try that" type thing that has to be done, but I've about got the "Dome" to a point I can crank them out faster. Just like the first "Flat-Top" tank I built, I make templates and take notes so that the following builds don't hurt so bad!

Anyhow, here's where I'm at with the "Dome" tank now.

Let me know what y'all think!

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