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Correct, that's the Hero pedestal Idol with the animatronics/electronic eyes and the back is removable , the back of the idol in the scene that indy's to exchange the idol for the sandbag is a solid back a different idol altogether.:cool:


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It has always been my understanding that this is the Prop Store Idol as it appeared on film.


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Sounds about right, but it is not damage in that movie frame; it is the edge of the panel to access the animatronics.
You are right - an edge *is* visible. BUT, there are two distinct lines:

screen cap idol.jpg

screen cap idol 2.jpg

This suggests (to me) that ONE is the actual panel separation and the other is a crack/damage.

If we look at these pics - which are purportedly of the glass eyes idol from the Lucasfilm Archives (at an exhibit at a children's museum in the midwest - Indiana? Ohio? - if I remember correctly)...

exhibit idol 01.jpg

exhibit idol 02.jpg

...this would suggest that the green line is the location of the panel separation (if we accept that this is the same idol OR if more than one was made in this fashion, it would suggest that they were made the same/similar). This would then suggest that the red line is actually a crack/damage:

screen cap idol 3.jpg

Also note that the point of this wedge shape transitions into deep shadow, as if it's diving in at a different angle:

screen cap idol wedge.jpg

This also suggests (to me) that it's cracked and bent in. And again, Don Bies confirmed that the Archives idol was damaged (though we don't know when that might have occurred):

Original Golden Idol from Raiders here...


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You are correct! I always thought it was a shadow under the panel edge. And I’ve never seen those museum photos. Though I’m not sure it is damage, as opposed to a funky casting. The only shots of the hero on that side that I have are low res or not a clear angle.


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I found the full image. Had not seen it before. It does show 2 idols at one time.
Can't tell for sure but both look to be "Beloq" versions. It would make sense that the one Spielberg is holding would be a Beloq" and he one on the pedestal be the movable eye version but I can't make out the removable back on the that one.


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Just my two cents..I haven't studied this prop nearly as much as you guys, so my hat's off to all of you. But between the Lucas Archive animatronic Idol and the screen-used animatronic Idol there appears to be some discrepancies. Like for example, if it were cracked during filming the crack should be still present / visible on the Lucas Archival version. And also the noticeable difference in the finish of the prop then vs. now, softer details etc.. The seam is also 'very' prominent on the Lucas version as well, whereas in the film it is not. The teeth seem a bit odd/different too between the two Idols (possibly), but could be an optical illusion.

Also note the lighting angle and the clear shadow cast downward from the crack and/or possible panel line as seen in the above photo. It's possible that the shadow is creating the illusion of another seam rather than actually being a seam.

Are these known to be two different versions of the animatronic version of the prop at all?

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No, it is my understanding that there was only one animatronic hero idol. Its current condition, which is significantly different than its appearance on screen, is the result of a “restoration” attempt in the early 1990’s. The gold refinishing process seriously softened the details. It would not be surprising if it warped the panel joints too. In the long run, it should probably be stripped again, hopefully revealing the details in the original fiberglass casting.
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I found the full image. Had not seen it before. It does show 2 idols at one time.
Can't tell for sure but both look to be "Beloq" versions. It would make sense that the one Spielberg is holding would be a Beloq" and he one on the pedestal be the movable eye version but I can't make out the removable back on the that one.

Yes, I assumed those shots are the animatronic hero because the crew has the camera facing the idol, or they are discussing the malfunctioning hero and holding the stunt idol. Or this one, which shows the camera, discussion and the remote controller. The panel seams are invisible from the rear.


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there is a gif video of the open back image where you see the eye mechanism moving slightly.
Funny thing is to me,,, that the way they intended to do the moving eye shot they could have simply had an open bottom pedestal and a guy with a stick moving the eyes rather than the RC. Between this and Bruce, it seems Spielberg didn't have much luck with RC animatronics back then...


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Your idol looks amazing! If you end up casting it for sale, I would be in for 2. I’m sculpting one, but it’s not quite where yours is....


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Thanks for asking!

Well, I was about to wrap it up and cast a final piece to fine finish but after I took a few more images I noticed it wasn't quit right from some angles so I went back to study the available images I had and noticed a few discrepancies. Couldn't figure out why some views were close but slightly off in some areas.

The sculpt in the images I posted to date are based mostly on the PropStore images and HERO screen used.
I did not have good quality images of the archive idol at the time and doubted it was the screen used Idol but after I found better resolution images I was able to do close comparison and found it is indeed the HERO pedestal idol as far as I can tell tho very badly restored and re-plated loosing much of its finer detail.

Comparing these images to the PS idol and Beloq idol I am confident they are from the same mold with minor differences due to casting and finishing mostly in finer details and hair. Of course the eyes are a bit different as well due to the addition of the glass eyes, moving and fixed. etc.

As they are the same idol essentially,-everything should line up but it didn't because the PS idol images have a different camera distortion than the archive images.

SO... it was back to the drawing board. I re-scupted the idol and now all the views line up much better. The first one was close, but not close enough.

I think you guys will be very happy with this new sculpt. I am just finishing the hair lines on the back section and will post some images soon.

Thanks for being patient!

I hope all are well and staying safe!


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Hey Joe,
Thanks for asking.!
This covid thing sidetracked me a while. I want to get it right and will start up on it again shortly and post some more results.
Until then, I will post this image of a comparison I did just before I paused. I noted some slight discrepancies that need addressing.

At least now the shapes seem to line up better and the details will be in the correct positions.
The images of the Idol vary from bunch to bunch. This GOLD front view is very different from the PS front view just due to camera distortion so I keep comparing angles to try and get it as close as possible. The front clay image is not 100% matched to the GOLD but is close enough to check major features.

Thanks for the interest from all and patients.

I hope all are well and safe in this new year!

idol front compare quick.jpg

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